War Troll

War Troll
Typetroll sub-race
Creation28 Witchrite 1000
Languagevaries by locale

The first war troll was created by Rilthang and a convey of hags. They delved into ancient tomes of primordial lore and learned a ritual to enhance the intellect and fighting prowess of a subject. Their experiments succeeded only on trolls - as the damage caused by the transformation often killed anything without good regenerative powers. The hags succeeded in creating the first war troll on 28 Witchrite 1000. In Sareon, Rilthang's war trolls helped her beat back enemies and take control of a large swathe of northern Thingrorn.

After the death of Rilthang (c.f 1120) her quarters were ransacked. The knowledge of making war trolls was then lost for several hundred years. In 1508, following set-backs in their war with the Orchish Empire, Toomrur shamans sent agents into Sareon in search of the lost knowledge of making war trolls. They could not find any scrolls, book, or other lore keeping device so they pried it of the mind of a Sareon hag. The one that proved most useful was a descendant of one of the convey hags that worked alongside Rilthang. When war trolls were added to the ranks of KhatĂșlg's army, the First Ogre War took a turn. They began to cause a morale problem in those of the Fograth that face them.

A unit of just ten of these elite trolls can inflict the damage of 100 Hangath goblin archers. They are just as deadly in melee, requiring crack forces to bring them down. The Emperor himself came down from the Spire to help deal with one bunch of them. He alone in the midst of lightning, poison gas missiles, fireballs, and a rain of arrows, and a multitude of attackers in all directions, teleported into the midst of ten war trolls, taking down five of them before being forced to retreat. Now all we need is five more of him. A rumor going around is that they are bringing in some mages to start charming them and turning them on the enemy, what a morale boost that was for the troops.

- Sgt Golat, Fograth 5th Divison, 4th Platoon - "Morale Boost"

War trolls are bred and trained for war and do not come about in the wild unless their community puts a lot of effort into teaching them martial skills. Most war trolls learn their trade in the militaries of empires like the Tormoran Federation, Orchish Empire and the Toomrur Hegemony.

Racial Traits
Racial as war troll