First Bughor War

Theatre of Operations

Period1160 - 1166
Bughor VS Rethmorg

In 1160, illegal mining in Khuzanbal, on the part of Rethmorg, coupled with amphibious raiding from lake Baraglindu, brought on war. Bughor, a very old Toomrur city-state, would no longer accept coin to deal with their losses. From their perspective, the profits of such activities were beginning to seem much larger than the gold to keep them from declaring war.

By the fourth year of the war, the darkness of Mulbind-Fel and the walls of Ilbaragûn, capital of the Kingdom of Rethmorg, were within sight. If not for the signing of the Gelakgizal Pact (1164 - 1166), Ilbaragûn would likely have fallen. The Gelakgizal Pact added nearly 30,000 goblins to Rethmorg's armies. Employing wave tactics and guerrilla warfare, they proved invaluable. Their losses were steep, 22,000 lost in two years of fighting. The Ogre Lord of Bughor, his forces driven south of Rakgund, sued for peace. Khuzanbal was divided. Rethorg took ownership of eastern Khuzanbal, that facing Klo'nah Lomok and its great trade potential (c.f. Baruzundam). They also promised to keep Baraglindu's pirates on a leash.

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