Vraga Moltus

Vraga Moltus
RegionLands of Purity
OwnerIvory Asylum (Rachat)
Founded21 Saunas 1015

Vraga Moltus is an ancient city on the Pearl Sea. One remarkable feature of the city is its curved tiered wall facing north into the Lands of Purity. This wall's first tier is 75' tall and the next three tiers are 50' high. All along the tiers are statues of the heroes of the city.

Vraga Moltus was founded by refugees of the Niratar Theocracy. In 1017, he became the capital of the Farinteen Empire.

In 1483, the city was bombarded from the skies by Har'kish's flying battle orb - the Eye of Gith. An attack paid for by the Black Tide as part of the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). In the last year of this war, Vraga Moltus was attacked from the surface by the undead armies of the Black Tide and from below by a drow army out of Uzurundabud. The fall of Vraga Moltus brought an end to the Farinteen Empire.

Thirty five years later, the city was liberated in the Severed Neck Battle.

After the Athenian Crusade (1539 - 1551), the government decided that joining Malacost was not to their best interests, so they allowed a foreign nation, Ivory Asylum, to establish colonial administration of the city and surrounding area. Ivory Asylum claims that administration of the city is small payment for their help in the Black Tide War.

Deep under the city, accessible by elevators and tortuously steep tunnels is the heavily guarded fortress Amurlax. This bastion was built over the town that once existed here. It was built to prevent the repeat of what happened to Vraga Moltus in the Black Tide War when the drow sacked the town and then proceeded to attack Vraga Moltus from beneath. Beyond Amurlax's imposing walls and numerous layers of defenses is the southwestern entrance to the Great Tradeway. Trade between Vraga Moltus and the Underdark civilizations of Igreshand often passes through Amurlax and is tariffed accordingly.

Notable Areas
  • Amurlax
  • Heel of Atlas - major church dedicated to the god Atlas
  • Palace of Farinteen
Civilization Tree
Vraga Moltus
Black Tide
Ivory Asylum