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Mage Guilds
Name Type Owner
Akumîlû secret police Pharzîmrâth
Aldassinen thieves guild independent
ALO insurgent independent
Artificers of 3-I Third Instructor
Batanullêth secret police Orchish Empire
Brain Inspectors secret police Tamlêrran
Bralda-Balc criminal organization independent
CIB Nawirrûs Covenant
CPD intelligence division Nawirrûs Covenant
Circle of Hullback druid independent
Court of One Hundred Eyes think tank Orchish Empire
Creed of Tech clandestine service Engineen
Decay Conclave druid independent
Einglach fey protectors independent
Grand Arcanes arcanists Nawirrûs Covenant
Gray Matrix assassins guild independent
Grey Nil secret police Black Tide
Gwaelergoth Circle druid independent
Gwatherfin druid independent
Kamrazîr assassins guild Khazarkar Empire
Kashu'khas special interest independent
Loremasters of Ermikel history independent
Malreeth secret police Council of Bile
Mârukhatâz lore hiding independent
Merchant League trade syndicate Paradomea City
Mêšodaðûz lore collectors independent
Minotaur Trade Federation trade syndicate Ba'lith
Mutant Progress Bureau company independent
Nature Protectorates druid independent
Nawenglorûs War Maidens Nawenglorûs faction Athena
Nil Koraaviik science independent
Overwatch intelligence division Orchish Empire
Othmurkú clandestine service Orchish Empire
Paradomea Consortium trade syndicate Paradomea
Pharêthôn assassins guild Dax
Phâte Ubrî cultural affairs Khazarkar Empire
Pulogmac exploration Council of Bile
Purl Lattice criminal organization independent
Quara'tun Judges legal division Quara'tun Covenant
Râpha-Nâr Oversight Board trade group independent
Rat Swarm criminal organization independent
Realm Stalkers assassins guild independent
Rings of the Emperor clandestine service Orchish Empire
Sewer thieves guild Rat Swarm
Shadow Sect assassins guild independent
Sil Vaarnufaaz ancient vampires independent
Sintangad assassins guild Black Tide of Thasmudyan
Society of Biomechanics biomechanics Nordern
Soothsayers of Blipool psionicist guild independent
Sphere Oversight Division creation planning independent
Tári Lissësúl thieves guild independent
Târush-Ginâth secret police Khazarkar Empire
Tearberon clandestine service Council of Nine
Thieleth clandestine service Roongutil
The Pure psionicist guild independent
Thought Trust psionicist guild independent
Vorjunt smith / insurgent independent

Guilds are formed to serve some interest. This interest could be collective bargaining, protection, extortion, criminal activities, research, and so on. Some guilds are restricted to certain races, sex, faith, class or other characteristics. The means of becoming a member of guild also varies, some you only have to pay a monthly due and/or fee, while in others you may have to be sponsored.

Many guilds will have affiliate guilds, or shadow guilds, which are cover organizations for their more criminal activities. These shadow guilds will often take the penalty for heinous and illegal activities which could result in their expulsion or sanctioning of the group from a city or region. The loss of a shadow guild or its sanctioning allows the true guild to remain intact and able to carry out its normal activities. In extreme cases, investigations may track down the source of the shadow guild's power and result in severe penalties and possible death to the leaders of the true guild.

Me? In charge? Oh no, I was given the title Guild Master, it is my employers who should take the blame, how was I to know what they were doing and that there were multiple levels of control, I'm just a marionette!

- Doc Chiidel, Guild Master of a shadow guild to the Alluvium Wardens - "Pleas to the Gilogoth Magistrate"

Companies are mainly formed to make money. They may act either for themselves or be a government entity. Agencies are generally termed as those in service to a government.