Nature Protectorates

Diedriss, before becoming a demi-lich
Regionsee below
DeitiesThe Balance
Symboloak sapling, mushroom, jellyfish
EnemiesDecay Conclave, Melriths Gardeners
Established9 Bloom 1245

In 1245, the then mortal Aredhel founded the guild of Nature Protectorates. "Nature Protectorates", are the leading druids of a particular region. They have the duty of watching nature and the forces that dwell in their respective domain. Under these leading druids are many other druids, rangers, and other creatures that assist in guarding and gathering information for their Nature Protectorate leader. The druids often help the peoples of their land, like predicting weather for farmers, ending droughts, and curbing the actions of wilder druids that don't toe the path of The Balance.

The Nature Protectorates meet annually to discuss their regions and other druidic matters. This meeting is called the Glade Summit.

The druids of this guild are against all things Dark Nature. In 1795, a survey of Maegorion was undertaken by Nature Protectorate Ararthand. This led to a continued study and surveillance of this Dark Timber Migration.

The Protectorates are also against Cheldremn's nature extremists and their desire to unnaturally expand forests; full-filling their view of the Principle of Unfettered Nature.

Most druids oppose tampering with the Web of Magic. They are not attuned to arcane energy like mages, but they know well of its destructive nature from the histories of Gulimbor with the Gulimbor Catacylsm, and the story of the redeemed druid Sakazrân.

The Nature Protectorates did not have Underdark representatives until late in the Third Epoch. In 1831, a Svirfneblin named Chisel Shinszelmoggit, was selected as the first Underdark Nature Protectorate.

In 1751, Ararthand, the Nature Protectorate of Cinazan, was murdered by government agents of the Khazarkar Empire. The Amigar Case resulted in a Region Censure of Cinazan. This made it so no sanctioned Nature Protectorate could be appointed to the region for fifty years.

Nature Protectorates By Region
Boglin the SpriteTroll Bogs1641
Chisel ShinszelmoggitFaeglor1832
Dalak-RamalClans 1710
EclipseHigh Wood Country1685transcended
Monkerd-MiggisIzagunbar, Karnegmoth
OakenbeardLands of Purity1245transcended
Sakazrân GarbanâthGulimbor1426redeemed
SpringflowerHells Womb1245
ThanwaenTribe Steppes1685
ZornshockAerie of Dragons1720
Former Nature Protectorates By Region
Protectorate RegionPeriodOther
AntasalaxNorthern Hordelands - Water Weirds of Hlothangi
Amigar UrkamaCinazan1712 - 1751Amigar Case, Nalêth and the Two Winds
Black WoodCinazan (Darmaer)1250 - 1282transcended
DiedrissAerie of Dragons1245 - 1451Decay Conclave
EclipseTribe Steppes1600 - 1685transcended
AredhelHigh Wood Country1245 - 1685 ascended to godhood
Îbal NimarCinazan1290 - 1368Diverting the Flow
TelnossuelAerie of Dragons1469 - 1602Decay Conclave
VemmonAerie of Dragons1605 - 1711Decay Conclave