Domination Wars

Conclave War995 - 999
Hedrac War996 - 999
Moredhel War1000 - 1006
Sorfandien War1008 - 1016
TheaterAzrik, Gulimbor, Ma'Ohari, Necrocrypt
Belligerentsvaries by sub-war

The Domination Wars was a series of conflicts between the First Khazarkar Empire, under the power-hungry Conclave, and other states of the continent of Karterus. These included the Kingdom of Burterinii, Cal-Thaoun, the Niratar Theocracy, and Melephaeusa.

The Domination Wars are known for their heavy use of magic. The main culprits were the Conclave's web weavers. Bolstering spells by tapping the Web of Magic, they rained great destruction down upon their foes and the land. Concentrated in areas for so long, this led to wild magic surges, dead magic zones, and tears in the Web. Lasting a little over two decades, the holes in the Web led to living spells, the creation of magical creatures, and magical storms that ravaged the landscape; becoming known as the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203).

The first of the Domination Wars was the Conclave War. It began in 995 with the First Khazarkar Empire attacking the kingdom of Burterinii. By 999, the Burterinii had been driven from the Gulimbor Region. The next war in the series was the Hedrac War, followed by the Moredhel War and the Sorfandien War. These wars and the magical cataclysm that grew stronger with each, led to a great migration. This Great Exodus (998 - 1017) shifted the populations north to the eastern coasts of Ma'Ohari and across the sea to the continent of Brucrumus.

Some of the people of the Great Exodus ended up on the nearest habitable chain of islands - Necrocrypt. On Sahuld, the Borillisk began rebuilding their civilization. Under unnatural circumstances, the Melephaeusan also ended up on Necrocrypt. These godforsaken islands would be the downfall of both empires.

The Domination Wars ended with the defeat of the Khazarar navy at the Battle of Satheon.