Domination Wars

Conclave War995 - 999
Hedrac War996 - 999
Moredhel War1000 - 1006
Sorfandien War1008 - 1016
TheaterAzrik, Gulimbor, Ma'Ohari, Necrocrypt
Belligerentsvaries by sub-war

In the lands of Gulimbor and Azrik, a series of wars were fought by the Khazarkar against the Burterinii, Cal-Thaoun, the Niratar Theocracy, and the Melephaeusans. During these wars, web weavers of the Eldritch Conclave tampered with the Web of Magic. This resulted in vastly increased spells, wild magic surges, or spells that could be sustained much longer than normal. As a result, tears formed in the Web of Magic. These tears became so bad that Gulimbor and part of Azrik were stricken with magical storms and other more dire things like creatures from other realms. This period of magical mayhem became known as the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203).

The first of the Domination Wars was the Conclave War. It began in 995 between the First Khazarkar Empire and the Burterinii. By 999, the Burterinii had been driven off the Gulimbor mainland. The next war in the series was the Hedrac War, followed by the Moredhel War and the Sorfandien War.

By 1016, a great migration of people had been fleeing Gulimbor and other parts of the continent Karterus. This Great Exodus (998 - 1017) of people on all manner of ships made for islands and the coastal areas of Ma'Ohari, Hells Womb, and the Lands of Purity. On the voyages across the Sea of Mourning and the Pearl Sea, the refugees are given protection and aid by the elderaunts of Ivory Asylum. This aid brought them into conflict with the Khazarkars.

Some of the people of the Great Exodus ended up on the nearest habitable chain of islands - Necrocrypt. On Sahuld, the Borillisk began rebuilding their civilization. Under unnatural circumstances, the Melephaeusan also ended up on Necrocrypt. These godforsaken islands would be the downfall of both empires.

The Domination Wars end with the defeat of the Khazarar navy at the Battle of Satheon.