Mirkathân Snirthjar

OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded18 Witchrite 1441 HE

On 18 Witchrite 1441 HE, the Titan Empire Aslauthroa founded the settlement Snirthjar. The Aslauthroans built it to protect Arnskar's peat deposits. This fossil fuel is the result of what happened in 92 HE when the area underwent a rapid change from being a swamp to becoming a desert. This swamp became a desert from Aslauthroa’s use of the Weathermaker against their enemies.

In the Second Epoch, the Khazarkar Empire pushed west across Cinazan, taking claim of everything they came across. In 1155, they built over Snirthjar, renaming the place Mirkathân. They built over the ruins because the giants had built deep wells into Faeglor. These wells provide an abundant amount of fresh water for a city surrounded by a very arid desert. The city also gets water from the massive aqueducts coming down from the highlands west of the city, the Damreth mountains. These aqueducts were built to deal with stoppages in the city's deep wells. The stoppages are usually the result of actions from the underground denizens of Faeglor, particularly in the direction of the subterranean city Unvarith.

In the First Ugradrath War, out of necessity, Mirkathân became a bed of necromancy. This was a time when the Khazarkar Empire and the Orchish Empire were coming into conflict, their borders meeting in the Ugradrath mountains. This new conflict came about in 1421, the same year the Khazarkars were wrapping up affairs with the recently conquered empire Gilraen; and dealing with the Salbâth Insurgency created from it. The recently dead and the long dead were being moved to Mirkathân from all over the empire. They were needed for the armies of undead required to meet a threat far greater than what the token resistance put by the Gilraen.

Mirkathân is a Necrohold. It is the home of many veteran and aspiring practitioners of necromancy. It has three rival schools of necromancy, the Batthirân, Maninazân, and the Ulbanizgar. The offices and classrooms for these schools are spread across the countless crypts and the ring of pyramids that serve as the city’s outer towers.

The southern walls of the city, the Tomb Cordon, overlook Tân'ndith. This chasm of mausoleums supplies the mummies, zombies, and skeletons for the Khazarkar Empire war machine. This state-run operation of creating undead is overseen by the military branch Imrinôn.

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Notable Areas
  • Batthirân, school of necromancy
  • Bazrâ
  • Boneyard, tavern
  • Ghoul Juice, tavern
  • Maninazân, school of necromancy
  • Ulbanizgar, school of necromancy
  • Tân'ndith
  • Tomb Cordon
Civilization Tree
Khazarkar Empire