Meeting of Geb and Sakazrân Garbanâth
CategoryHigher Powers
RaceEarth Titan (Primordial)
Alignmentchaotic neutral
SymbolMound of Dirt
DomainCavern, Craft, Creation, Earth, Protection
EnemiesLokestant, Surtur, Tarâk, Zuggtmoy
BirthplaceGurnskolf / Basskaff
Born14 Artifice 1455 DE
Godhood7 Lunar 1299 LE

Geb, or the God of Shakes on Bal-Kriav, and to the earth giants, Grumbar, is an ancient being. He is the progeny of the primordial creationist Piranoth. He was born from the same primordial energy that created Sphere 411; better known today as the world Bal-Kriav. In the final phases of shaping and populating this world, Piranoth's foresight told him that it would be center of many major conflicts, so he had his agents plant a primordial seed in in. This type of entropic contamination of a newly minted world was often enough for it to be torn down, thrown back to Chaos. Its creator Benevolence, yet he ignored it out of goodness. He would come to regret this in the Creation War when the Nawirrûs Covenant had to deal with the ravages of Geb and other primordials.

Long before man and beast, a god was born here. He was given life with raw energies of Chaos, his body forged of earth, rock, iron, silver and other metals. When Geb was born, the earth was torn apart, leaving Gurnskolf, Basskaff, and the Kernsking Koils.

- Thraedli Legend, "Creation of Geb"

Geb was given life on the world Bal-Kriav, or at least that is the claim made by the Thraedli. They say that he was born in the bowels of Melvad, and when he awoke the earth split apart creating a deep rift called Basskaff and an enormous earth mote called Gurnskolf. These two areas are still partially connected by tendrils of pulsating vegetation called the Kernsking Koils.

In 9250 GE, he and Bahamut trapped Kerath. This Progeny of Baltalas was chained under a pile of rubble with what become known as the Kerath Anchors.

Both Geb and Surtur are remnants of the time before mortals, when the gods and primordials fought over the spoils of creation. Those on the side of Creation wanted wanted to keep the worlds, while the primordials wanted to destroy it all. In the Creation War, most of the primordials were either destroyed, imprisoned, or driven back into Chaos. Geb and Surtur remained. They were found several times by angel trackers. An attack on them required a concerted effort, so the primordials fled. Geb burrowed through Bal-Kriav and created a vast expanse of caves and tunnels, a maze of passages, and collapsed many behind him. The trackers lost their quarry, and when they did come upon him, they lost because they fought under his conditions. The same happened with Surtur, he burned his way into the earth, and left a wake of magma and fire behind him. These two primordials proved adept at escaping and then when they had to fight, it was almost always under conditions favorable to them. The gods and their angels finally gave up pursuit and removed themselves from the realms. They left the task of guarding against primordial misdeeds to the mortals. The attacks never came, because both Geb and Surtur enjoyed their growing status and popularity among the mortals. When the gods started getting worshipers and their power increased, Geb and Surtur soon followed suit.

- Habanin, High Theologian of Thrakopolis - "Primordial Gods"

Early in the Creation War, Geb and the Master of Tides teamed up, destroying the world of Moyawel. The destruction of this nascent planet created a great asteroid belt that came to be known as the Belt of Geb. Geb never again used his powers over the earth to bring about such mass destruction.

In the God Era, as part of the Nautrek Deal, Geb sided with the Quara'tun Covenant. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), his forces opposed those of Zuggtmoy seeking to lay claim to the subterranean reaches of Faeglor.

On 5 Brightstar 355, Geb joined The Balance. He joined the deities Arcana and Silvanus, helping to break their frequent deadlocks in decision-making. Geb was selected because of his growing worshiper base and his neutrality. He fell out of favor with The Balance when his dabbling in mortal affairs resulted in the rise of Rilirthad and the fall of Tinnanguth. He has been silent on this issue, though theologians claim that Geb's activities were done to thwart the schemes of his arch-enemy Surtur. Geb has steadily grown in power as the Brownlands spread. Geb's growing influence is curbed by Lokestant who brings water against the earth of Geb, using her followers and other powers to staunch the flow of earth elemental matter coming through rifts like the Earth Callers and the Togomud Sink. One of Lokestant's creations, a "divine helping hand" in the conflict between the two, is the Waterhaven Channel.

In the Year 1443, Geb aided the mortal Sakazrân Garbanâth in destroying the Sceptre of Phenul-Tamrâk. The reason for destroying this artifact was to bring stability to the chaotic weather patterns affecting Gulimbor. The unnatural weather of this region was one of the lingering effects brought on by the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203).

Geb is worshiped by farmers, miners, Underdark explorers, neutrally aligned earthen, and those seeking safe ground and passage. His faith spread to the surface from Underdark missionaries. Due to Geb's power, priests of this god gain a +1 inherent bonus to their constitution score.

Priests of Geb can be of any type, but those with a focus on the earth are more common. His largest worshiper base is found in the Underdark. Geb's religious hierarchy is base more on merit rather than being a priest.

Worshipper Hierarchy of Geb
Worshipper RankNotes
Anthracite Chosengeneral follower
Serpentinite Chosen5th lvl or higher devoted follower
Hornfels Chosen10th lvl or higher devoted follower
Harzburgite Chosenhero, someone favored by Geb, ex. Borri
Trondhjemite Chosencompleted one major quest
Bedrock Chosencompleted two major quests
Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
AkalgasGebs Chosen
BazandaggûlStone Wardens
Lahvirn Piiv
Known Powers
Create Earth Seamnormally used to counter the threat of the Great Vein of Surtur, this power creates an Earth Seam
De-Orbiting Shake Geb can make an earthquake that can shake an area the size of Hells Womb. The effects of this vary greatly and are not the same magnitude in all areas. In the Dawn and God eras, it proved of small use because population of Bal-Kriav and others were rather sparse.
Divine Toughness+8,000 hit points as Greater Power
Mass Sinkas the Sink spell but affecting all enemies in a 100' radius
Modulating Energy+25 modulating energy damage for all attacks