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In the Turgon Exodus (13 - 25), the Nénharma were driven from their homeland. One group, separated by a violent storm, was blown far off their northerly course towards the High Wood Country. Instead of turning against the winds, they sailed east to the shores of the Hells Womb region. From there, they went up the Foronir River settling in the Nárfaltuin Forest.

Elalmoth, built by the Nénharma, became a grandiose place surrounded by a deep forest. It was seen as a rich place by their neighbors, a source of potential plunder. This led to a long history of conflict with predators coming up from the deeps of Garathral. The most dangerous of these were Ginrall's mind flayers. For a long time, Ginrall lacked the strength for an all out attack, so their forces skulked on the fringes or debauched with bands of grimlocks from caves and holes dotting Nárfaltuin's forest floor and rolling hills. These paths grew to be interconnected, a vast network of earthen tunnels which were spokes leading to central passages descending into the subterranean realm below.

In 360, Elalmoth was threatened by raiding party's coming up from below. These were from two groups, mind flayers and kuo-toans. For four decades, they were a controlled nuisance. With the formation of the Diortfel Pact, an alliance of their enemies, things changed dramatically. On 13 Hollow 412, Elalmoth fell to the Diortfel Pact.

When the enemy made their final assault on Elalmoth, kuo-toans poured out of the lake in the thousands, while the land-facing sides were assaulted by wave after wave of grimlocks and their illithid masters. The siege lasted three days, and each day when Merioss and Khâls Forge broke the horizon, the attackers retreated into the dark of the lake or the tunnels of Nárfaltuin. On 13 Hollow 412, the Diortfel Pact captured the city. They enslaved or killed nearly everyone - except me.

- Iveldel, excerpt from a scroll - "Sole Survivor of Elalmoth"

In 995, the ruin was re-occupied. Elalmoth's rebuilding began under a different sub-race of elves than its founders. Unlike their Kriavfahliil predecessors, wood elves built above what nature had taken over. They constructed habitats that blended with the environment rather than following Kriavian grand and majestic styles of architecture. The restored beauty of the place, even though now of a different sort was lost again in the War of Nárfaltuin (1048 - 1130). In 1060, it fell to forces under the Ageless Emperor.

Today, Elalmoth is a tangled ruin with stone buildings almost lost to vegetation and in the trees scattered buildings that survived the fires of war. Elalmoth is a rugged area consumed with a lot of structures. It is the lair of beasts and monsters and sometimes at night the subject of raids by Ginrall's grimlocks and illithids.

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