Dead Guard

Regionwidely scattered
Racesvaries greatly
Purposeproselytizers of Hades
Established30 Witchrite 245 LE

When Hades departed the Mortal Systems, his Caretakers were assigned the defense of his great hall. Three centuries into the Lith-Crillion Era, a group called the Dead Guard split-off from the Caretakers. They were to be proselytizers, spreading the faith of Hades across the lands of Bal-Kriav. Suprisingly successful, by the Third Epoch, they had spread the word of Hades to the distant worlds beyond the Belt of Geb.

In 1384, the Dead Guard rebuilt one of the Kal-Oni fortress-palaces of Zayr. They renamed it Gravestone Gates.

The duty of a Dead Guard is to root out necromancy and destroy it. Undead are our number one enemy. They must be retired, allowing the spirit to make its journey in the afterlife. If not too dangerous to undertake, a redemption of the soul should be made.

- excerpt from a Dead Guard training manual