Caina Nexus

frost salamander
RegionHells Womb
Phelas ZooCaina
Opened15 Saunas 1043

Near the head of the Gelugon Range is a frigid windy glacier called Chemosh. Within this unnatural icy waste is an inter-system rift called Caina Nexus.

In 1043, somewhere in Chemosh, a covet of witches (from the Witch Horde) cast the last binding spells on Blizzard (c.f. Blizzard and Firestorm). Such great magic was used in the creation of this artifact, that a tear formed in the Web of Magic. This tear slowly expanded over the years. Weave spiders stopped the tearing, but could not close the rift. This stabilized the rift, making it so mortals can pass freely from Bal-Kriav to Caina and back, but those native to the Abyss cannot.

Caina Nexus is an inter-system rift linking the worlds Bal-Kriav and Caina. The gateway is a large blue-white sheet of ice that could be mistaken for any similar sheet of ice in Chemosh. In the colder months, it can be masked with snow. Beyond ill-weather though, there is no mistaken that you are near the gateway. The area around it is littered with debris from long ago battles, outlines of fortifications that are now no more than piles of rubble, and a chill within a mile of it that is often 20 to 40 degrees colder than the air around it.

Caina Nexus, like other rifts, are rips in the Web of Magic, and those that remain open can often change the lands around it. The presence of Caina Nexus in Hells Womb resulted in the lowering of temperatures in some area and produces a belt of abnormal weather patterns called the Temporal Zephyr. To the north of the glacier and its rift is the evergreen forest Laucentar. Some believe the rift's magical emanations, perhaps a product of the tear in the Web of Magic, caused the forest to be better known as Steel Pines, with wood greatly harder than normal.

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