RegionHells Womb
Founded7 Bloom 9400 GE

Yis-Lorill is an ancient place, the first settlement built by wood elves that would become known as the Eärendur. Over many thousands of years, they built a tree city, one coaxed by druidic magic, care and planning to blend seamlessly in with the forest around it. They lay claim to the Isaril Forest, battling with Cormindar's orcs and other hostile elements seeking the area's rich resources. These resources included iron in the Mynzuth hills, and in the bellies of Cromindar, and Isaril's hardwoods, nuts, berries and other foodstuffs.

During the reign of the Kal-Oni Empire, loggers began to take their toll on the Eärendur's forest. Isaril's old oak was in high demand for making hulls for Kal-Oni's growing navy. While the other native races of Hells Womb were coming around to accepting the Kal-Oneans as neighbors, the Eärendur viewed them as environmentally destructive. Overconsumption resulted in conflict; druidic magic was used to regrow the forest, but it could not age it. Yis-Lorill battled the Kal-Oni in guerrilla fashion for several decades.

In 1140, the city fell to two armies, with Kal-Oni's forces attacking by day, and drow allies out of Dhaunril'yraen attacking by night. The decision had been made to make it costly to take, yet not to die for the city. Most of Eärendur's population and soldiers escaped into the forest, through tunnels and other secretive paths that even today remain hidden. Yis-Lorill's leaders and populace were in agreement, they were boxed in by civilization, the wildness of the area was gone. They abandoned their ancient city, heading east towards the Dragon Wall. They lived as nomads for the next four centuries. In 1503, they settled down in the evergreen valleys of the Inghild Mountains.

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