Tiamats Clutch

Typedragon lore

When Tiamat prophesied her defeat in the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE), she set to leaving her mark on Bal-Kriav. She had her most trusted agents hide her eggs across the lands. Nobody but Tiamat knowns how many were stashed away. These eggs came to be called Tiamats Clutch. They are much sought after by Vith Alok and other dragon cults.

Dragons that come from Tiamats Clutch are 1st generation Gral Wahliik. These are often considered the most cunning, powerful, and dangerous of their kind.

Dragons of Tiamats Clutch

Dragon NameTypeHatch DateFormer Egg Owner
Amaglothornwhite25 Bliss 1559 HEWhitefang
Torfillifusshadow2 Temporal 1101Drog'paagol