CategoryCrack Units
HeadquartersSpire of Krak-Oth
Symbolsplit skull with exposed brain
Established5 Lunar 1141

Gharbúlúm was established by Blac'drugulois, First Emperor and founder of the Orchish Empire. He established an elite corps of Githirmil to serve as his personnel guard and to undertake special operations. Under his personal control, they did not have to go through the bureaucracy and rigid command structure of the High Command.

In the Second Orchish Civil War, the soldiers of Gharbúlúm proved to be too loyal to the recently deceased Blac'drugulois. A considerable number wanted to reclaim the body of their master and find a means of bringing him back. Contenders for the title Second Emperor of the Orchish Empire were against such action. They warred not only among themselves but also with the crack soldiers of the Gharbúlúm.

When Monty the Mad became Second Emperor of the Orchish Empire, he purged the unit of its staunch loyalists, replacing them with hobgoblins of his personal guard. This act of mixing hobgoblins into an elite organization that had for over a thousand years been restricted to Githirmil has caused bitterness and dissension in Gharbúlúm's ranks.

We have a tradition, one built on trust, and family bonds, with fathers and sons serving in Gharbúlúm, and grandfathers and blood strengthened by a thousand years of duty and loyalty to the Emperor. These hobgoblins no nothing of this type of bond, and by nature, will only seek to dominate those around them, and seek positions of authority, even when they lack the skills of leadership!

- Gurtheon, statement before the High Legate, "Murder Trial of Gurtheon"

There is no other unit that holds more prestige in the Orchish Empire than the soldiers of Gharbúlúm. Their most feared contingents are the Gháshnar. These elite units are outfitted with an array of magical weapons and armor.