Cal-Thaoun Dynasty

CategoryFallen Empires
RegionGulimbor, Ma'Ohari
Diiv Kiir1%
EnemiesFirst Khazarkar Empire
Reign 350 - 1016

The Cal-Thaoun Dynasty began in the Sorfandien Valley, near the coasts. Beyond the mainland, they had island enclaves scattered across the Pharmûn Bay. For seven centuries, this empire was ruled by the Cal-Thaoun family.

In the First Epoch, Cal-Thaoun was known to have the best alchemists (c.f. Anatomical Academy) in all of Midrêth. Even today, proving lineage to one of these alchemists, gives a certain prestige among peers - whether warranted or not.

In 762, a Cal-Thaounean nicknamed Leghorn the Human, entered minotaur destiny. This master alchemist came up with a solution to harden a minotaur's horns, making it so that only magic could harm them. The hope was that it would instill spirit in a broken peole, and hopefully give the minotaurs the opportunity to sink their horns into a Khazarkar's chest.

- Nîrônal, Khazarkar historian, "History of the Minotaurs"

In the War of the Three Queens, Sarquiness Cal-Thaoun took her people to war against her sister overseeing Niratar's affairs.

In 1016, the Cal-Thaoun's seven hundred year dysnasty was brought to an end. Emperor Cal-Thaoun X, the last of the Cal-Thaoun's dynastic line of emperors, and his entire family were thrown overboard. This happened in the migration of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), a time when a magical cataclysm raged across Gulimbor. The people of four empires made for new lands. Most of Cal-Thaoun's people went to Hells Womb. As the refugees came ashore, a great ceremony was held on the beach of a strange new land. At the end of this procession was the gleaming walls of Zayr, built with magic over several months. Behind these walls was a large city in the process of being built. No magic was spared for its construction, it was not part of the ceremony. At the entrance of Zayr, the refugees swore fealty to the newly founded Kal-Oni Empire.

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Cal-Thaoun Dynasty