Eye-Skull Pact

MembersBlack Tide of Thasmudyan
Orchish Empire
Period1475 - 1480

This pact was formed by the Orchish Empire and the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. In the Second Sorrow Pass War, the Eye-Skull Pact brought an end to Gimhak's southern holdings centered on Strumpktar.

In the Year 1480, Squad X7E found secret documents at Ebonstar. These documents revealed the double-crossing intentions of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. The Black Tide intended to use their Orchish Empire allies as cannon fodder in the initial assaults against the Farinteen Alliance. A copy of the documents were sent to Emperor Blac'Drugulois and the High Command. On getting word of the Black Tide treachery, the Orchish Empire nullified their war alliance and demanded fees from the Black Tide for future use of the Sorrow Pass. This pass was vital for Black Tide communications, so they paid the price for their misdeeds.