CategoryHigher Powers
RaceTalaxan (True)
Alignmentneutral good
DomainHealing (bolstered), Purification, Sun, Time
EnemiesKezgihr, Thasmudyan
Born26 Temporal 1588 DE
Godhood27 Hollow 9050 GE

Created by Bruh Kreniik, Phalgas was one of thirty-seven Talaxan forged as a new race. Enrolled in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), they served in the Nawirrûs Covenant, serving across the battlefields of Bal-Kriav and her moons. Member of the Golden Seven, Phalgas helped bring down great primordial monstrosities and their masters, the Primordial Lords.

On 27 Hollow 9050 GE, Phalgas ascended. As a Cult Power, he took the energy and brightness of the stars, the so-called Sun Domain, as his Focus. His priests teach that stars are the anchors for Creation, keeping everything from being swallowed by a Sea of Entropy. They warn their listeners of what happens when this becomes unbalanced, calling out the great undoing of the Lost Ages.

... the stars keep the balance, the worlds are the magnets for negative entropy, a matrix of interlocked energy, protecting civilization from again becoming the flotsam on a Sea Entropy.

- Tek, 3rd year study at Mechanus Poly - "Spatial Mechanics"

On 3 Bliss 9111 GE, Phalgas, Athena and Danzar-Khâl took down a primordial behemoth named the Nine-Tongued Worm. Delivering the killing blow, and by the Rule of Divine Conquest, Phalgas took some of the primordial's power. After this divine spark was digested, it became Phalgas's second domain of mastery, Healing.

Enemy of the unholy, scourge of the undead, Phalgas minions are always at war with those of Thasmudyan.

In 1087, Lokestant was born to Phalgas and Tempestant.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
As'lumixPhalanx of Phalgas
BurteriniiRadiant Cross
Follower Boons
Bitter Foes+1 damage versus undeadnone
Healing Grace+1 hit point/per die for healing spellspriests
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+4,000 hit points as Lesser Power
Light of Merioss Phalgas's hit points are increased by 25% while under the rays of Merioss, and his regeneration rate is doubled
Modulating Energy+20 modulating energy damage for all attacks