Elder Orb of Embers Zuwuth Uv Enkii

AliasZuwuth Uv Enkii
ForgeMalephar Elemental Forges

The Elder Orb of Embers, or Zuwuth Uv Enkii in Draconic, was a dragon orb used by Katrana Dumu-loc to bring devastation upon the Elberial Forest. Starting in 1484 and ending in 1533, this artifact caused widespread destruction, displacing tens of thousands. The awesome power of this artifact, powered by a piece of a star, was such that it caused the landscape to buckle, bringing forth volcanic eruptions, opening up smoking rifts, and changing the weather pattern of all of the Sylvan Kingdoms. The two dead volcanoes of Ginzarak, Armorn and Ireriel were created by this artifact.

Combined with her magical powers, Katrana also used the orb to corrupt a dwarven relic called the Crown of Phlehorn - the same crown once worn by the ancient kings of Phlehorn. In 1502, the crown and orb were used to transform Maharâg's dwarves into Duergar.

In 1533, Katrana was driven from her mountain redoubt inside Gûn. Her attackers, the Golden Elite, recovered the orb and went about fixing the problems it caused. These adventurers broke the spell affecting Maharâg's transformed dwarves, restoring them to their original forms, and shattering the orb's domination magic on the high number of red dragons roaming the Lands of Purity. Possession of the orb, also allowed them to cool the land, ending the volcanic eruptions of Armorn and Ireriel.

In 1534, the Golden Elite travelled to the Crillion Comet. Leaving the giff platform Atlas Glory, they explored this Lith-Crillion voidship for days. After finding what they came for, a Rift Spanner, the Atlas Glory jumped across the Quarat'un system to its primary star. Once in position, they fired the Elder Orb of Embers like a cannonball, hurtling it towards the fiery core of Merioss where it was consumed.

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