Typeaarakocra sub-race
LanguageChirp, Elvish
Creation6 Brightstar 1200
NativeHells Womb

Ble-Aarakocra are a sub-race of the Aarakocra. They were the elite city guard of Uriall-Madiess before it was swallowed into the Web of Magic. Several dozen of them escaped the destruction, yet were mentally scarred from it. Afterwards, they came to favor their predatory side as raptors rather than a balance of their humanoid and avian side like true aarakocra.

Ble-Aarakocra have varying plumages like normal birds of the wild. Their characteristics often match too, with one with a red plumage like a cardinal being watchful, staying at distance and approaching only after it seems safe. Then there are those with the feathers and the head of an owl. They are generally nocturnal.

Racial Traits
Racial as aarakocra
Common Homelands