Grimmarsveinn Infantry
Tragaran 10%
DeitiesAtlas, Kebechet
Established25 Hollow 623

In 485, Phlehorn established the settlement of Tallsard as a trade gateway to foreign nations. The city's government was established along the lines of a syndicate, so as to focus on mercantile activities. As time passed, Tallsard grew rich and became more and more independent of the parent kingdom. In 623, Phlehorn allowed Tallsard to become an independent city-state. Tallsard and settlements that followed become known collectively as the Grimmarsveinn.

The holdings of Grimmarsveinn are located on the Clan's western coasts overlooking Nielalroch. Grimmarsveinn acts as an agent for the other Clan nations when they have goods to trade to foreign markets. Their largest trading partner is Malacost, seconded by Ivory Asylum. Grimmarsveinn has many large and competitive shipping companies. Sometimes this competition turns hostile and requires intervention by Grimmarsveinn's elaborate and complex court system.

Grimmarsveinn is often looked upon with distaste by the other clans. Dwarves of the Clans realize the importance of foreign markets which are very profitable, but at the same time many view the sea as a mystery and a place not met for dwarves. Grimmarsveinn scoffs at such views with their profitable mercantile fleet and argues that to compete in the world - foreign markets must be tapped. In addition, Grimmarsveinn has a large number of temples devoted to non-traditional deities, like Atlas and Jurmalon. Typically, most of the other dwarven empires of the region prefer to pay homage to Danzar-Khâl and Naraz-Nâru.

Hostilities sometimes arise with their neighbors, Hjalmarbrodd. These disputes arise from territorial encroachment of dwarven miners into Iragandul. These hills are property of Grimmarsveinn and they claim the hills have been expended of natural resources. Hjalmarbrodd thinks otherwise, and frequently sends secret teams into the area to start up small mining projects.

The people of Grimmarsveinn are a jovial and friendly people. They maintain a powerful navy and large merchant fleet. Grimmarsveinn view the conflict with the elves as wasteful and one that should be solved by friendship and forgiveness.

The Clans trade their wares with any buyers. The only problem is that they have more goods than buyers. In the Year 1820, many Grimmarsveinn explorers were sent out to find new markets. The explorers crossed Nielalroch to Vhurghad and found few markets. Another group journeyed north to Elemantum. These explorers met disaster as sea serpents and the land itself rose up to destroy any who attempted landing. The final group went northwest across Edhelviel and discovered numerous civilizations, both hostile and friendly. After decades of economic stagnation, the Clans were ready to start a new era of economic prosperity.

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