RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded11 Kindle 1279
MapHiznaar Goz

Thithak is the capital of Oathundor. It sprawls along the southern tip of the river Viiz Bo and has both a river port and sea port. The city is a filthy place, covered in a continual pall of smoke from the numerous smelters and burning trash heaps.

Countless normal and dire rats roam the streets of Thithak. Many are the pets of the city's hill giants. When the rat population gets too bad, they go on a massive cull. Many of the establishments of this city, built for giants, serve rat stew, rat on a stick, and a host of other rat dishes. The function of the Smashed and Skewered Guild is to butcher the vermin and sell the meat to local taverns and inns. The rats are also used in making potent liquors like Rat Blood, and Vermin Whiskey. In the city's sewers, which empty into both the river and the bay, are several wererat thieving guilds. At least one of these is a chapter of Rat Swarm.

Thithak's ocean port overlooks Veysed Vaal. The largest feature of the port is the Thithak Bathworks. At this shipyard, hill giant shipwrights fabricate Grimsuvelth Trawlers. These are the largest vessels produced on the continent of Brucrumus. The timber for these vessels is a black oak brought from the shores of Suf Qahlon.

Notable Areas