Cyclops Harbor Cannon

Cyclops Harbor Cannon
Typeheavy cannon

Cyclops Harbor Cannons are massive artillery pieces. In 1458, the cyclops of Jolmgar built one that survived extensive test firing.

For a long time after production, Cyclops Harbor Cannons were positioned in harbor defenses. They were sold to anyone with the gold to buy them, and came with a seaworthy barge to haul it back home. With the proliferation of skyships, these weapons can now be found far inland, atop elemental motes, or just about anywhere else. One has even been used in the Underdark by the dwarves of Hjalmarbrodd. They move this piece, "the City Breaker", along a railway to fire upon their Underdark enemies.

In addition to normal crew requirements, a Cyclops Harbor Cannon requires two giants or cranes with very strong pulleys to help in loading. The Giant Cannons, a mercenary company, is the main source for those who prefer to use giant artillerists. Most of these cannons are forged at Fjollaug.