Voruth Anharr Project

Period1302 - 1311

In the Second Epoch, the eastern edge of Cinazan began to suffer from the magical emanations of the COA 411. The Belras Foroderch studied the problem and worked out a solution where the energy spilling from the Ice Cap would be diverted back to the Cube of Arcane. This involved creating structures to act as a magnet for the magical rivulets bleeding off Ice Cap. Unlike the Ice Cap where the Cube's energy results in blue ice and a cold unheard of at this latitude, the energy seeping towards Skegjold was slowly draining life energy and stopping wind and precipitation from flowing south and west into the area.

The effort to build these structures was the Voruth Anharr Project. It was financed by the Khazarkar Empire, being that they had the most to lose from seeing their eastern seaboard turned into an arid desert. The Nature Protectorate Îbal Nimar is said to have been instrumental in making this a peaceful deal between the Belras Foroderch and the Khazarkars:

The Pharzîmrâth were prepared to force the Belras Foroderch to do the work or suffer an invasion. Luckily, my family has close ties with the Minâth-Nôrî and convinced them that more would come from Belras Foroderch in peace than subjugation.

- Îbal Nimar, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Diverting the Flow"

The island towers Voruth and Anharr were built to stop the desertification of Skegjold. They function by drawing in energy and diverting it back to the Cube of Arcane. This process is rather simple since it just redirects the magic back northeast towards the Cube of Arcane. The materials used to make this happen are extremely expensive, and their source known only to the top two Daenir Hadír of Belras Foroderch.

The towers raised in this project are part of Foroderch Cordon.

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