NativeOsâchar, Bal-Kriav

The Durkoth are a race of humanoids that have their origins on the world Osâchar. In the Creation War, they were mortal allies of the Nawirrûs Covenant. When that war ended, they were released. In the Demon Spawn War, they were kept back in reserve. They would be used if the demons got out of the Quara'tun System and attacked worlds like Osâchar; a world of the Asteraoth System.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Durkoth warred over three ancient relics called the Torcs of Maen Grirngrim. Artifacts of immense power, they made their wearers incredibly hard to kill. In the last of the thirteen Torc Wars, the Horgon Empire was born. This empire was led by a confederacy of near-omnipotent beings called the Saints of Maen. After consolidating their power, the Durkoth went on to subjugate those around them. Theegans, Sussgurd, and the Dromites saw their empires fall. These enslaved peoples became workers and slave soldiers. The Durkoth used chaos archons to control the subjugated. The two types under their complete control were the Hydrocur and the Laupha.

In 430 HE, Osâchar was beset by a massive illithid invasion. The Second Suellk Invasion started out as simple raiding. After some successes, it turned into an occupation. Under the yoke of the illithids, the people quickly learned their fate - brain food.

Faced with the prospect of annihilation, or worse - an illithid's dining experience, the Durkoth undertook a massive evacuation of their home world. In 537 HE, thousands of them and even more of their minions, escaped their beleaguered world aboard massive arks called the Helas Vessels. These ships conveyed their complement across the Void to the world Bal-Kriav. In 862 HE, the travelers came out of hibernation. The Helas Vessels began their descent, each landing far apart.

On Bal-Kriav, the Durkoth established a number of colonies. They dominated the people around them. Their technology, along with their arcane and psionic arts, often proved far superior to the tribal peoples around them. The empires they established and where they reigned are listed in the table below.

During the Durkoth Descent, many Durkoth became mutated and fish-like. These Durkoth became known as The Chosen. They were followers and believers in the near-divine nature of their leaders. These leaders, the Saints of Maen, were the same ones that ruled them on Osâchar and now lead them on Bal-Kriav. The Chosen followed their masters into the seas, while those that did not take up worship of these Saints, were left on the surface. These Forsaken became more vulnerable as more and more Durkoth left for the seas. Many were hunted down by their former slaves. Any of these Forsaken that were still around by the time of the Durkoth Hibernation died immediately.

In the deeps of the seas, the Chosen built new empires and city-states. They dominated those around them, enslaving them, and making them build grand cities. It was during this sub-sea empire building that the Saints of Maen ascended to godhood. Their former minions became their divine followers. The city-states under the seas, became smaller versions of the empires that once thrived on the surface. They came to be run by monotheism-theocratic governments that paid homage to the Horgon founders - Krak-Oth, Neld-Rac, and Rioch Tetrax.

In 1355 HE, Midrêth was swept by Thyrms Breath. On cue, all of Bal-Kriav's Chosen Durkoth disappeared into their undersea vaults. Historical records of their former slaves say that their masters went deep into their undersea retreats, then vanished.

Population Centers of Bal-Kriav's Durkoth
Spire Landing SitesPost Durkoth Descent
SpireMapPopulation CentersDurkoth Descent DestinationPopulation Centers
Spire of Krak-OthMirtheonArgruxielCthorgo Titaram (as slaves)
Sava'lothZînin-GulcGreen Nebulous Urla'palos
Spire of Molakh-BúleNithlurikAbâthigûrZen'nêlkhushunknown
Spire of Neld-RacHiznaar GozSpire of Neld-RacRângilanLimac-Nîr
Spire of Rioch TetraxChengomNagdúrzolOrat-KhagorOgharkú
Racial Traits
Superior Intellect+5 intelligence
Psionic Receptacle start with 5 psionic power points which are only useful if they can manifest psionic powers
Lifespan 70 years