Pyramid of Nature Tânê 13

RegionHigh Wood Country
AliasTânê 13
Built6 Kindle 379 LE

This Pyramid of Power sits near the heart of the Taurquion, a forest of its own making. Called the Pyramid of Nature, well-camouflaged with trunks, thickets and vines growing from its surface, it is itself a living organism like all the Pyramids of Power, gaining sustenance from the environment around it.

The Lith-Crillion designed this pyramid as a vessel to harness the energy of nature. The drawing of this energy comes at the expense of another area, somewhere near, or even somewhere distant like on another world. This makes a verdant landscape near the pyramid, and a wasteland on the draining end.

In 323, an Angrod detachment entered this pyramid. Only one of this group survived, a wood elf named Krivian. Warped by the Pyramid's power, he became a Pyrmidian Ghoul, a warden of the Pyramids of Power. Many times the Angrods tried to get back in this ancient Lith-Crillion structure. They were halted, driven back by the Pyramid's security measures, dense thickets, hostile vines and the spawning of predatory plants and rapidly growing fungal-treant guards. The Angrods suffered badly, losing many to the Pyramid's guardians, a patrol disappearing without a trace or a loner taking care of business, abducted by the forest around them. Then there were the reports of ghouls, their former comrades were now hunting them. It would be learned much later that the sentient Pyramid was building a garrison for security and maintenance; a trait of all the Pyramids of Power.

In 1284, the Valandil Léralondë ("Arrows of the Path"), found a way in. They battled the Pyramid's guardians, hacked through a maze of vegetation, and past the pyramid's mechanical and magical hazards. To their amazement, the interior of the place was crafted of oak, with beams of red wood, and finely crafted decorations and carvings in teak and rosewood, and the air smelled of rich maple. In some areas, their were fountains of maple syrup and others with nectars of varying tastes. The Valandil Léralondë, with the help of an elite Angrod team, faced the pyramid's leader, an eldritch confessor named Jofgror Odving. Viewed as nature's abominations, Jofgror and his minions were tortured for the Pyramid's secrets.

Over the next century, the Pyramid of Nature was studied, its secrets learned. It gave the Angrods the power to wield the Pyramid's nature energy. This led to the increased growth rate of the forest around, spreading in all directions. Its outer edge became known as the Tendrils, the new growth, a wall of thickets and brambles, protected and nurtured by Nature's creatures.

The effects of the Pyramid of Nature and its control over the Tendrils have proven themselves quite deadly. In 1330, the Tendrils, under the guidance of the Cheldremn, began weaving their way around the vale of Quendirion. By 1335, the bugbears, cave trolls, and other goblin-kind that lived in this rocky area found themselves surrounded by the Tendrils. On the last day of Bloom, the Tendrils, thick with flowers, began to pollinate. The pollen was death to those in Quendirion. In a matter of days, thick clouds of pollen suffocated those in the area, or killed them from its toxicity. Those of evil nature that sought escape from the encirclement were met with elven steel and magic.

The Angrod victory in the High Down War (1285 - 1304) is often attributed to their use of this Pyramid's powers.

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