Typeogre sub-race

Toomrur was the name of a very large and warmongering tribe of ogres that once inhabited the western reaches of the Aerie of Dragons. Under the leadership of a successful line of Ogre Lords, they increased their numbers and territory by absorbing others tribes. This more often than not led to early retirement of the other tribe's leaders and other influential personages.

The victors then take the wives of the captured tribe and make sure to spread their seed among them. This is done under the wise words of much-revered shamans, which espouse the idea that the warrior blood of the victors must purify the weak bloodlines of those beaten. Thus, the defeated are forced to sift through the "leftovers" for mates, or wait until another tribe is subjugated and goes through the same process as them.

The Toomrur, unlike other ogres, have a long-standing practice of capturing or forcing another group to surrender rather than wiping them out. This makes them culturally superior to the base ogres and good cause for the longevity of the Toomrur Hegemony and unity of the Toomrur.

- Ermikel the Balance, excerpt from his book Species - "Toomrur Bloodlines"

In the Horgon Era, Toomrur were one of the strongest mercenary forces of the fire giant empire Talothand. They gained such respect from their Zeymah'kein enemies that when Talothand fell the Toomrur were allowed to remain in Laag Grimolii. Seven centuries later, in the Third Burn (1504 HE - 1522 HE), the Zeymah'kein were at war with Mir'piamauza. When Zeymah'kein spies learned that their long-time enemies were stirring up trouble in Kii Paagol - the old lands of Talothand, Zeymah'kein sent their dragons and other flying wings in to cause as much havoc as possible among the area's Toomrur. This campaign turned brutal under the command of Dragn Lord Sos'rahgol. His genocidal ways of waging battle forced a migration upon the Toomrur. They split up in two main groups, with one forced west into Lirgaza, and the larger group heading north across the Sands of Hell into Thingrorn.

Today, the majority of the realm's Toomrur are part of the Toomrur Hegemony. The Toomrur ogres are concentrated across eastern Grashakh and southern Miradelgûn. In these two regions they number in the tens of thousands broken-up along tribal lines.

Toomrur ogres are slightly more intelligent and cunning than normal ogres. Some theorize that the experiments of Neld-Rac, like those that led to the creation of the Muneyd'vith, have some part in the nature of the Toomrur.

Many of today's Toomrur tribes are led by ogre-magi. These ogre-magi are often powerful shamans, serving as as teachers and religious authorities for the ogres. Many Toomrur yearn for the days of old when Ogre Lords led their people. Since the Toomrur Hegemony came to power, they have tried to stamp out the warrior tradition and replace it with an allegiance to the empire rather than some feudal lord.

Racial Traits
Mysticism +1 Intelligence
Toomrur Heritage +1 Wisdom
Racial as ogre