Class20th barbarian
RaceToomrur (Taln'nazân Famine Spirit-King)
TitleOgre Lord
Alignmentlawful evil
DeityVaprak, Rioch Tetrax (as undead)
Born26 Dreamer 1468
Undead16 Hollow 1531

Morbakh was an Ogre Lord of the Khatúlg city-state.

In 1511, he signed the Orc-Toomrur Ceasefire with the Ageless Emperor, ending the First Ogre War (1505 - 1511).

Morbakh was became an undead on 16 Hollow 1531. This happened during a sinister cycle of Deaths Kindle known as a Shade of Darkness. While leading an unsanctioned plundering of the Barrow of Agdúm, his forward units began running from the area much worse for age. Morbakh and his close advisors entered the barrow to deal with the problem. They passed those too frail to move from severe unnatural aging and a few piles of dust. Morbakh's group were decimated in the place. In the burial chamber of Agdúm, Morbakh succeeded in finding the item he came for, the Hoof of Gluttony. He turned to meet the ghost warden of the barrow, but ended up being no match for her. This ghost was powerful and bitter; perhaps for having been both a bride and daughter of Agdúm. Instead of killing Morbakh, she infused him with the unholy blessing of Rioch Tetrax, making him a Taln'nazân Famine Spirit-King. Thereafter, Morbakh became a servant of Rioch Tetrax, pledging allegiance eternally.

Now an undead, Morbakh cut a path through the lands of the Toomrur, wrecking havoc on the feeble garrison at the Pillar of Drog. Driven off with a heavy dose of psionics and magic by the Crimson Eyes, Junkel recounted:

No weapon could pierce Morbakh's fat. My good friend Drog, sent some fodder ahead to probe the terror for any special attacks. Those poor gnolls were either tore apart from a bony weapon in the shape of a hind leg of an ass or had their heads bitten off. Several passes of Argontholopus and a liberal dose of ranged magic succeeded in driving the foul creature off. I have to say, this was the most powerful creature we had faced since the Tree God of Igas.

- Junkel, from his book the Legends of Crimson Eye - "Morbakh's Attack"

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