RegionLands of Purity
DeitiesAtlas, Athena
Founded17 Bliss 1260

Milithian was founded by the Targads. For the three centuries after its founding, the settlement prospered from the Nurkidbad mines and the fertile soils of the Ehuyaipur peninsula.

In 1533, the Shields of Iraktharbhun captured Milithian from the Targad.

Milithian is the capital of Malacost. Its wide avenues are lined with statues of heroes that fought in the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504). With many interior walls and wide areas, firebreaks, the city covers all of the Ehuyaipur Peninsula. A deep, sheltered harbor is on the eastern flank of the city. Milithian is linked to the Thequas fortress by the Great Canal of Thequas. The city backs up against the Nurkibad mountains. Around the Year 1700, the city had expanded to the slopes of these mountains. A small river from these mountains runs into the city from several waterfalls. The mountains are also the location of the city's palace and hold manors and towers of nobles, the wealthy, and study areas for mages and monks.

During the Black Tide War, Milithian was constantly under threat by the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. Many monuments to the gallant defenders of the city line the wide cobblestone streets. Many of these monuments are memorials to the bitter street fighting and the fire brigades that kept raging fires under control during the Occupation of Milithian. One of the monuments is Ole' Faithful. During the Occupation of Milithian, the garrison used this great weapon to inflict serious damage on the Ghul Armada, including sinking Jairall's flagship. To prevent its capture, the Milithian Navy scuttled the mammoth barge holding Ole' Faithful. Years later, it was raised from the harbor and moved inland to serve as a monument to the bravery of the garrison.

At the heart of Milithian is a towering fortress called Solar Krak. This citadel is the headquarters of the Order of Solars.

Beyond its great sea walls and into the Trident Reefs the Milithian defenses spread, with its most magnificent and formidable being three great fortresses called the Titans Triangle. They alone kept the dead captain Jairall at bay for nearly a year.

- Quick, from his book Cornerstone of the Empire - "Built by the Titans"

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