Garormuk Garormuk Federation

gnolls ravaging a Theegan settlement
RegionNorthern Hordelands
AliasGarormuk Federation
CapitalBroken Teeth
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesKrak-Oth, Yeenoghu
EnemiesDivine Empire, Hornfels, Witch Horde
Established17 Hollow 1143

In 546, the barbaric ways of the gnolls and other nomadic tribes were curbed with rise of the Drugnods. This family and their dynastic line of empresses headed the Drugnod Dynasty (546 - 746), giving way to a period of enlightenment and advancement unheard of for the Gnoll people. The Drugnod dynasty was ended in the Hlothangi Insurgency. After this civil war, a republic was formed with a senate representing the interests of the territories set-up by Order 3C. The Yagamph Republic (746 - 956) reached an even higher level of culture and intellectual achievements.

Yagamph succumbed to the same civil strife that brought down the Drugnods. Fringe elements of the wild, those outside of the cities, wanted the riches of civilization. The leader of this rebellion was the usurper Orkutun. Looking to return the Gnoll people to their nomadic ways, where distribution was by strength rather than the pen, he led a bitter civil war lasting twenty years. He abandoned Kennel and other cities as quickly as he captured them. The people of Yagamph were forced into the wilds, quarreling over the spoils of a fallen empire.

In 1143, many of Zyrath's lords met at the Broken Teeth Meet. At this meeting, the Kashu'khas established a federation for common defense, laid out territorial boundaries for each group, establishing the Garormuk Federation.

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