Garormuk Garormuk Federation

Gnoll Marauders
RegionNorthern Hordelands
AliasGarormuk Federation
CapitalBroken Teeth
Alignmentchaotic evil
DeitiesKrak-Oth, Yeenoghu
EnemiesDivine Empire, Hornfels, Witch Horde
Established17 Hollow 1143

A great nation of gnolls has ruled the eastern Hordlands since the First Epoch. Much of the making and history of this civilization has been lost to the ravages of time and destruction. Loremasters often wonder how gnolls, typically chaotic and dim-witted, could have achieved a level of civilization. Some suspect outside help, or even control by far more intelligent beings. Some say that the spread of Krak-Oth worship might have had some influence on the gnolls, perhaps even divine guidance.

In 546, the barbaric ways of the gnolls and other nomadic tribes were curbed when the Drugnod came into power. This family and their dynastic line of empresses headed the Drugnod Empire. Their period of rule spanned two centuries, leading to enlightenment and advancement in the humanoid peoples of Zyrath.

The Hlothangi Insurgency brought an end to the Drugnods in 746. After this civil war, a republic was formed with a senate representing the interests of the territories set-up by Order 3C. This republic was called Yagamph. Surprisingly, this nation reached a height of some intellectual achievement. Learning centers were established for the wealthy, an accountable tax base was created, and the interests of the people were fair, though often chaotically handled.

Yagamph succumbed to the same civil strife that brought down the Drugnods. Fringe elements of the wild, those outside of the cities, sought to take what they couldn't get economically by conquest. The leader of this rebellion was the usurper Orkutun. He led a bitter civil war that lasted twenty years. He abandoned Kennel and other cities as quickly as he captured them. The gnolls and other humanoids returned to the wilds and quarreled over territory and the spoils of the fallen empire. By 956, Yagamph came to an end, leading to a degeneration of culture and civilization over the next two centuries.

In 1143, many of the territory's lords met at the Broken Teeth Meet. At this meeting, they established a federation for common defense, laid out territorial boundaries for each group and established articles of government with the aid of the Shamanic Conclave of Drugnod. Later that year, the Garormuk Federation was established.

Today, the peoples of the eastern tracts of the Northern Hordelands are a far cry from the civilization they once had in the First Epoch. The gnolls and minority groups of Garormuk are often described as gross, immoral, prone to acts of violence, butchery, rapine and pillaging of friend and foe alike.

From 1190 to 1240, Garormuk warred with the Theegans in the Witch-Pack War.

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