RegionHells Womb
Built14 Temporal 8980 GE

Galstyxe is a relic of the Demon Spawn War, built in the God Era by the abyssal hordes of Demogorgon. It was strategically sited by the demon general Siva'yah covering Sorrow Pass - the choke-point for forces coming into Hells Womb from the north.

Ever since the demon war, Galstyxe has remained a place of evil with the occasional demon finding his way into the place from a random rift that only lasts for a few moments. These short-lived rifts serve as a inter-system link between Bal-Kriav and random worlds of the Abyss. The opening of this bridge between worlds is unpredictable for when it opens, where it opens, and how long it stays open.

It is an ominous blood-red fortress nestled against the western peaks of Trudnar. The approach is broken and hilly. Pools of stagnant and poisonous water fill the lower areas. The crags frequently emit noxious gases and the level areas are ankle deep in bones. The bones are evidence of the numerous attacks on the place. Many armies, the Orchish Empire, Iburakthal, and others, have thrown themselves against the seemingly impregnable walls of this ancient edifice. The leaders of this mighty bastion have varied over time, with demons, cambions, and undead lords the most common. Even at the height of its power, the Black Tide of Thasmudyan avoided confronting the seemingly sentient bastion and its guards. Magical monsters, undead and many gargoyle, archer and spouter constructs roam the area in and about this ancient fortress.

The most notable personage to be lost at this place was General Rassald. Centuries after he was presumed lost, he returned to this ancient keep, now as a vampire, calling himself General Bloodthirst.

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