RegionHells Womb
Built14 Temporal 8980 GE

A relic of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Galstyxe was built by labor divisions serving Demogorgon. Strategically sited by the demon general Siva'yah, it covered the Sorrow Pass, a choke-point then and today for enemy forces entering Hells Womb from the northwest.

Ever since the demon war, Galstyxe has remained a place of evil. Sometimes, a demon or two finds themselves pulled into this place. They are yanked through short-lived rifts bridging this area with a random place on Abyssm, Demogorgon's home world. The opening of this bridge between worlds is unpredictable for when it opens, where it opens, and how long it stays open.

It is an ominous blood-red fortress nestled against the western peaks of Trudnar. The approach is broken and hilly. Pools of stagnant and poisonous water fill the lower areas. The crags frequently emit noxious gases and the level areas are ankle deep in bones. The bones are evidence of the numerous attacks on the place. Many armies, the Orchish Empire, Gimhak, and long ago ones of the Demon Spawn War, have thrown themselves against this seemingly impregnable bastion.

Over thousands of years, Galstyxe has had many leaders, demons, cambions, undead lords, giants, and even elementals. Even at the height of its power, the Black Tide of Thasmudyan avoided confronting a bastion seemingly sentient, one able to muster great armies solely for defending itself - "... magical monsters, undead, gargoyles, archer and spouter constructs in the hundreds."

One notable personage that was lost to this place was General Rassald, then highest ranking general of the Orchish Empire. Centuries after he was presumed lost, he returned to this ancient keep, now as a vampire, calling himself General Bloodthirst.

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