Râlê Yanizabâr
Class20th wizard / 10th web weaver
RaceMinâth (Lich)
Alignmentlawful evil
Born19 Bliss 1279
Undead9 Witchrite 1343

Râlê Yanizabâr is responsible for bringing shame and ignominy to his family. In 1301, the Akumîlû, Khazarkar secret police, learned that he was a member of the Eldritch Conclave, studying to become a Web Weaver. In the rosters of Minâth-Nôrî, the Yanizabârs were marked "liquidated". They were charged with conspiring with the enemy. This was done by a law dated from the Khazarkar Empire's times in Gulimbor when families were collectively punished for acts of treason. Depending on the Setarch in charge at the time, the punishment is doled out harshly or with leniency. The Yanizabârs were warned, giving them only hours to flee the empire. Most were caught and executed. Râlê, a rebel, more interested in personal gain than family influence, did not seek revenge or much care for the fate of his kindred.

In 1317, Râlê instigated the Nalbirag Gold War. He convinced Neeth-Theen to back his expedition into Nalbirag. He told his backers there was great power to be had in Rumak; the lake west of the Nalbirag mountains. Râlê's personal reasons for a foray into claimed lands was gold. He had massive debts to bankers in Malardân and Phaerssysn. During his stay in Haag-Bre, a place won in the aforementioned war, he made enough money to pay off these bankers.