Ilabizdum Sphere 407

AliasSphere 407
Formed30 Temporal 1395 DE
Dûlan-Nûl Khizir-Nûl

The fifth planet of Quara'tun is Ilabizdum. It was created in the Dawn Era by Danzar-Khâl. It is the home world of the Dulun. The most well-known of the world's empires is Daligûp-Shîzik, better known to off-worlders as Deep Six.

Ilabizdum has vast mountain ranges and countless rivers. Seas, oceans, and lakes cover a third of its surface. Danzar-Khâl created this world and seeded it with his creations. He made sure that the resources available were favorable to things of his interest and would become a hallmark of things that dwarves are known for - mining and craftsmanship. As such, Ilabizdum has enormous reserves of iron and blutium. Most of the blutium is in the volatile lands of Nurak. The mines in this region have been under work since the Dawn Era when the god Danzar-Khâl seeded the world with his mortal creations.

Ilabizdum's gravitational field is very strong, perhaps because of its high concentration of metals, resulting in very hardy natives - Ilabizdum Pressure. As a result of this gravity, creatures of Ilabizdum tend to be shorter and stockier then their counterparts on Bal-Kriav.

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