LocationMorwuld Briin
Created9 Temporal 981 HE

This island was once the northern part of Angvild Isle; an alien landmass pulled into this world in the Creation War (8602 DE). In the Lith-Crillion Era, Angvild split, with its larger northern half floating northward. This happened again in the Horgon Era with the cracking of Wynvild. This island split like Angvild, leaving Torvild Isle as the northernmost chain of three great islands that if not for the seabed, would float upon the waves like great barges.

The channel separating Tovild and Wynvild is the northern arm of Warvilds Fingers. This debris field of spires, reefs and shallow waters, dotted with the remnants of broken islands, is a treacherous place for ships. Beyond obstacles, it is home to sahuagin, harpies, and other predatory creatures.

Early in the First Epoch, the Llydaros were exiled to this island. Their downfall in the Dark Revolt turned the island into the home of eccentric undead lords and their citizen crafters, musicians, artists, and builders.

Pirates, and empires of the likes of the Khazarkar Empire and Ba'lith trade slaves with Torvild's undead enclaves. These slaves are the island's only means of maintaining their populations.

The three holds of the island, warn the living not to set foot here. They claim to have no control of the wild interior and cannot fully protect them inside their towns. As a result, business with the outside world is usually done at the Manes Chimneys.

Holds of the Dead Crafters
City 3FoundedElevation
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