LocationMorwuld Briin

Torvild was once part of the likewise alien isle of Angvild. In the Lith-Crillion Era, it broke free, leaving a channel of broken island debris that became known as the northern arm of the Warvilds Fingers. Surrounded by the deep ocean waters of Morwuld Briin, this island like Angvild and Wynvild are alien to Bal-Kriav. All are stuff ripped from the Sea of Entropy and brought to Bal-Kriav in the Creation War.

Early in the First Epoch, the Llydaros were exiled to this island. Their downfall led to the island becoming the home of undead lords. These "Lich Tyrants" controls portions of the island. They and their undead minions are always at war with each other. They ally with one cause or the other and even seek aid from the outside. They are both powerfully magic and psionic, and if one is killed, another rises through the ranks of the undead to take its place.

Pirates, the Khazarkar Empire and the Ba'lith frequently carry humanoid slaves aboard "cattle ships", to this island. The slaves are preferred alive, but those that perish in the journey are also purchased by the Harbor Gatherers.

The lich tyrants ruling Torvild warn the living not to set foot on the island. Numerous controlled and free-willed undead roam the island, and even the mighty liches cannot control the coming and going of all these creatures.

If someone does land on the island, either in search of plunder, shipwreck, or other cause, then the best course of action is get to a Lich Tyrant and plead their case. Sometimes, they will provide safe passage from Torvild in return for treasure, quests, or other services.

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