Ownerindependent city-state
Deep Bred20%
DeitiesLukoon, Poseidon, Ptah, Tempestant
FounderCaptain Raci-Tuc
Founded24 Temporal 1209

In 1209, the pirate captain Raci-Tuc and her crew founded a base on the southeastern banks of Kraaroz. As is tradition among the pirates of this part of the world, a settlement or base usually takes the name of its founder upon death. The Raci-Tuc pirate base grew to a city-state of 50,000 souls over the next two centuries. During times of trouble, they are an active participant of the Pirate Lords confederacy.

Raci-Tuc has remained a safe haven for pirates since its founding. A pirate ship that makes it into the Kraaroz, comes under the protection of the Raci-Tuc and the cannons of a string of forts all along the inlet. Some of these forts are on rocky atolls, others along the shores. These fortifications have been built up over five centuries and are of such a threat that invaders usually disembark their troops on land and approach the city along the shoreline or go through the jungles. In 1482, this is how the city fell to the Black Tide. After the capture of the city, her sailors were pressed into military service under Admiral Bloodtusk. Tens of thousands of citizens were enslaved or forced to join the ground armies of the Black Tide.

Those poor souls were sent to the battlefields of Hells Womb and the Lands of Purity, destined to fight twice - once as slave soldiers, then as undead.

The Black Tide War (1465 - 1504) reduced the city's population by two-thirds and most of those taken were never seen again, except among the ranks patrolling the bone studded parapets of Gleshgath or some other undead hold of Necrocrypt.

- Ormun, Deep Bred historian of Raci-Tuc - "Black Tide Slaves"

After the war, the city became a holding of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk. In 1797, it was liberated by the Burterinii-Buccaneer Alliance. For their part in the alliance, the pirates got their city back.

The three main churches of the city are dedicated to gods which have domains of interests to the pirates. These are two water gods, Poseidon and Tempestant and the god of travel Ptah. The church of Lukoon is another religion that is growing in the city.

Civilization Tree
Capt. Raci-Tuc
Kingdom of Bloodtusk