Spatial Rift

Typetechnology, magical

A spatial rift is a temporary tear in the Web of Magic. It has never been used by voidships, but if it were it would allow a ship to hop to another system very quickly.

The moon-like Eye of Gith is the best example of something able to create a spatial rift. Those that live on this ancient transport use it to move back and forth between the Astral Sea and Nawirrûs's systems and worlds.

Many consider the the creation of spatial rifts to be dangerous, if not forbidden magic. This is because it is disruptive to arcane energies, sometimes nullifying magic items completely, their energy drawn out of them to power the rift. They also cause temporary damage to the Web, that if the weave spiders are near, the abusers stand to suffer quick death.

In 1347, the Creed of Tech stole Har'kish secrets on creating spatial rifts. In 1697, the Trelshum Syndicate got it when they stole a pair of Void Lurkers from the Void Machine Factory.

One of the failed uses of creating a spatial rift resulted in the shifting of the forest Nelaryotar from the world Kriav to the world Bal-Kriav.