Bueratum Rayatibrûs

RegionPipe Home
Ownerindependent city-state
Kriavian Elf5%
Founded14 Dreamer 1502

Rayatibrûs was rebuilt in the Black Tide War. Its settlers were halfling refugees fleeing the Lands of Purity in the waning days of the Farinteen Empire. Ships of the Ora Tubruš, took them south to the ports of Ivory Asylum. By the time the first boats came into port, economic conditions in the empire and the government's stance on the refugee situation had changed. They could be taken back to Farinteen or re-settled on the coasts of Orachan. The halflings begrudgingly, yet unanimously, decided for a new home. About 3,000 of them reoccupied an old fort and town once used as an elderaunt whaling station, renaming it Bueratum in honor of a freedom fighter who perished fighting the Black Tide general Pinth.

Bueratum, often referred to as the "City of Light Houses", is sited on the eastern coasts of Pipe Home. The city has a huge seaport that was designed by Ivory Asylum engineers. Bueratum is a net exporter with salt and tobacco being their largest exports.

The realm's first exchange was formed in this city. It is called the Mercantile Exchange. This exchange put Bueratum on the world map. It has made the city wealthy and resulted in raiding and pirating.

The two major threats to peace for this city-state and others of Pipe Home are the werewolf raiders out of Kudyast and the Ba'lith. When hard-pressed on the seas, Bueratum hires mercenary ships or seeks the aid of Ivory Aslyum.

The Kriavian Elves of Bueratum are transplants from Tasartir and the elderaunts from Athoreon.

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