OwnerOrchish Empire
Founded9 War March 1146

Gháshulg is an imposing fortress-city atop the Amoral plateau. Looking north from the city's Zurghed styled walls is the Boraresh lake.

Gháshulg sits on the northern tip of the Bileddanul mountain range. Following the Arduous March (1041 - 1096), the Orchish Empire turned to claiming large tracts of Grashakh as their own. Bileddanul proved to be hard nut to crack. It was claimed by peoples who had been living there since the God Era. The Githirmil under their Ageless Emperor, encircled these mountains with forts and settlements, slowly closing the noose on the people of Gimhak. When the fort builders reached Bileddanul's northern tip, a survey party stumbled upon a strange structure hidden by magic and heavily warded. Near this thing of primordial origins, the Spire of Krak-Oth, fort Gháshulg was built to study and prepare expeditions into it. Since this fort was brazenly built in Gimhak territory, it suffered repeated attacks.

The dwarves are behind mountain bastions that have been around for a 1,000 years. It will be too costly to assail such places. We will go long-term, build up our forces, cover the lowlands with forts and great bastions and after boxing them in, proceed to exterminating the pests.

- Zurghed, Fograth Dragern of Grand Strategy - "Push and Contain"

In 1188, the Orchish Empire capital was moved from Kotharlarg to Gháshulg. This put the capital near what was becoming the heart of the empire, sector Mirtheon. The other reason was that the Ageless Emperor planned to turn the alien device at the heart of the citadel, the Spire of Krak-Oth, into his palace. This primordial-built structure dwarfs the highest of Gháshulg's towers. It also serves as the barracks for the elite guard Gharbúlúm.

Gháshulg has many inner citadels that once served as the outer walls of the city. As the empire's population and wealth expanded, these were moved further and further out. Its towers and walls are blocky, rising 100' to 300' above the plateau. The walls are 50' to 80' tall and equally as thick. Inside them are barracks and living quarters for the soldiers and in some areas they serve as homes for civilians. At 13,000', the city has days of being in complete cloud cover. Visitors have described the city interior as shadowy, confined, with old walls, towers, and bridges now serving as public living places and thoroughfares.

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