Squad X7E

TypeAdventuring Group
MembersAriel Amanaurë
Established4 Temporal 1479
Disbanded18 Bloom 1497
31/Aug/2022 19:18

Squad X7E was a group of special operatives that were trained by and served the Sanguine Whispers. They did a number of covert missions. In 1480, they infiltrated Ebonstar and took out one of the leaders of First Dead Council. The Pit Viper mission ended in the destruction of the lich Marshall-General Garn of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan and the daughter of Pinth Blackstrike.

In 1481, they explored the sunken realm of Manduggiss. Therein they discovered the Sig-Lorm; a people thought lost to the land. With the backing of the Sanguine Whispers, they helped relocate thousands to Hinnbjalf.

In 1483, they undertook one of their boldest missions, Precision Strike, which involved them trying to take out the Hand of Gith. This mission was only a partial success. Six months later, the Sanguine Whispers paid dearly for their failure as Voices of Gith pounded Outpost Prime. The seven-day assault destroyed many of the outer structures and causes earthquakes within the twenty-seven levels of this secret mountain redoubt. A githyanki air and ground assault followed. This assault was led by six ancient red dragons and the great wyrm called Slag. The fortress was sacked and garrisoned by e Har'kish forces.

Sometime after their sixth or seventh mission, Squad X7E quit the guild. This was a death sentence, since no covert group is allowed to leave the guild. The former members of Squad X7E operated as profiteers for many years. They adventured, started a few companies, and got filthy rich. During this time, they fought off dozens of assassination attempts by their former guild until finally dying in a mass melee of well-over one hundred assassins.

The blood lines of some of the group's former members lives on with their descendants, the ruling families of X7E Metals.