Squad X7E

TypeAdventuring Group
Ariel AmanaurëMogert
ZaosGillian Thunderbringer
Established4 Temporal 1479
Disbanded18 Bloom 1497

Squad X7E was a team of special operatives of the Sanguine Whispers. They are known for a number of covert missions.

In 1480, Squad X7E infiltrated Ebonstar. The Pit Viper mission ended in the destruction of the lich Garn, Marshall-General of the Black Tide of Thasmudyan. It also resulted in the death of the daughter of Pinth Blackstrike.

In 1481, Squad X7E explored the sunken realm of Manduggiss. Therein they discovered the Sig-Lorm, a people thought lost. With the backing of the Sanguine Whispers, they helped relocate thousands to the great citadel of Hinnbjalf.

In 1483, Squad X7E was assigned Precision Strike. The mission was to destroy the Hand of Gith. Only a partial success, six months later the Sanguine Whisper headquarters was hit by six Voices of Gith. This was followed by an air and ground assault leaving Outpost Prime a smoking ruin.

Sometime after their sixth or seventh mission, Squad X7E quit the guild. They adventured, started a few companies, and got filthy rich. The descendants of this group live on as ruling families of the X7E Metals and other enterprises.