RegionHells Womb
TitleLead Weave Scholar
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born11 Temporal 1080

Izrapthân was the Eldritch Conclave's top scholar on the Web of Magic. His early studies were in languages. He claims in the preface of his famous text the Codex of Tongues that he became interested in the Web through study of old languages like Nidurrâb and Primordial.

In 1114, he fled the Eldritch Conclave. He went to Paradomea City and sought refuge at the XI Institute. He gave this organization an enormous amount of lore about the Web of Magic.

Izrapthân has been branded a traitor by the Eldritch Conclave. It is rumored that he is still inside the XI Institute. It is said that he is under a temporal stasis spell and requested to be awaken if the realm begins to experience another cataclysm like the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203).

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