Sos Vrii Blood Fang

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesBlood Fang
Black Orc30%
Purposedragon mastery, creation, undead mastery
LeaderNveryioth (red dragon dracolich)
Established15 War March 1755 HE

Sos Vrii was founded by the hobgoblin sorcerer Kynux. This sorcerer was trained with the Whitefang. He left to set-up his own practice after having a falling out with Whitefang's Dragonmaster. In 1812 HE, they created their first dracolich, with the red dragon Nveryioth of Khilgand.

This dragon cult is credited with creating the first black orc (c.f. 1202). This happened when they infused a pregnant Githirmil with the blood of a ancient black dragon. This was performed dozens of times more in secret, all to unwillingly subjects that were kept penned up like wild animals. When news got out of these creations, it was with viewed with disgust by the Orchish Empire, with the Emperor stating:

This humanoid looks like a orc mixed with ogre that fell in a vat of pitch. They will always be treated as brutes, regardless of their valor or skill.

- Emperor Blac'drugulois, from Gháshulg Policy Archives - "Black Orcs of Sos Vrii"

The High Command sent an emissary to Sos Vrii warning them to stop tainting the blood lines that Blac'drugulois had spent the past seven centuries perfecting. Not seeking to face the might and resources of the Orchish Empire, they halted all experimentation on Githirmil. Though by then, the black orcs had enough females and males to be self-sustaining.

Sos Vrii has also experimented with other chromatic dragon bloods, but have as yet only had success when using black dragon blood.

In 655, Sos Vrii became a cell of Vith Alok.

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