Sos Vrii Blood Fang

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasBlood Fang
Purposedragon mastery, creation, undead mastery
Established15 War March 1755 HE

Sos Vrii was founded by a hobgoblin sorcerer named Kynux. Trained under Whitefang, Kynux parted ways after two decades of service. This departure came from a falling out with Whitefang's Dragonmaster. The issue was Kynux's excessive use of funds on special projects. One of these was trying to duplicate the work of Neld-Rac, creating a new species by way of dragon blood and some other creature (c.f. Lab Journals). This was not then and still not a trivial matter, taking a lot of time and a lot of resources, the latter requiring a great outlay of gold. At Khilgand, Kynux trained others in the ways of the arcane and a little bit about the ways of the dragon cultists. The money he earned from all this was all sunk into creating something new.

The cult's first success at "creation" came with the making of an undead dragon. In 1812 HE, they created their first dracolich. A willing subject, the Lord of Khilgand, the red dragon Nveryioth sought out an old friend. Nearing death by age, magical life extension having diminishing returns, Nveryioth swallowed his dragon pride, asking Kynux for the Sos Vrii's skills in making him a dracolich. Old friends, partners for nearly five decades, Kynux was worried about what might come with the change, domination, mayhem and slaughter?

In 655, Sos Vrii became a cell of Vith Alok.

In 1202, the Sos Vrii had finally achieved their goal of creating a new race, the Ved'ogiim. This came from infusing a pregnant Githirmil with the blood of a ancient black dragon. The success of this came when Nveryioth suggested that Kynux change his parameters, keeping the entire effort secret, performing the infusion on dozens at a time, older patients nearing their prime, and on unwillingly subjects penned up like wild animals. Kynux was greatly confused and did not see how any of these would help or why they should matter. Nveryioth assuredly responded:

I've read the those Lab Journals a hundred times. There is deeper meaning in what he penned. It comes down to the chemical balance of your patient while under certain conditions. These conditions are tied to the type of blood your using. Wild and crude is my theory for working with the blood of a black dragon.

- Nveryioth, to Kynux - "Read Between the Lines"

When news got out of these creations, it came with a bit of disgust by the Githirmil. They saw these "black orcs" a step down from the work of their great emperor; Blac'drugulois of the Orchish Empire.

Not sure if they are black orcs, or black ogres. Following the name out of Khilgand they call them Ved'ogiim, a possible interpretation of Draconic to be black orc. Whatever they are called, they are no more than base orcs mixed with the primitiveness of an ogre. They will not be able to escape this stain.

- Emperor Blac'drugulois, from Gháshulg Policy Archives - "Black Orcs of Sos Vrii"

The High Command sent an emissary to Sos Vrii warning them to stop tainting the blood lines that Blac'drugulois had spent the past seven centuries perfecting. Not seeking to face the might and resources of the Orchish Empire, they halted all experimentation on Githirmil. Though by then, the black orcs had enough females and males to be self-sustaining.

Sos Vrii has also experimented with other chromatic dragon bloods, but have as yet only had success when using black dragon blood.

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