OwnerKhazarkar Empire
Founded26 Lunar 1427

In 1415, Khazarkar archaeologists were digging around the northern area of Sahânzar. They had learned from tomes found at Maurkac that a kuo-toan city once existed in the deepest parts of the Nermanis Sea. When the sea drained, the city was left exposed to the elements. The ruins lie exposed for about a decade before being buried by shifting silt from a series of earthquakes.

In 1426, after many periods of active mining and then long lulls of in-activity, the kuo-toan ruins of Gholompotl were discovered. As the Khazarkars dug into the ruins, they started pulling out treasures and kuo-toan relics. The settlement Nirzanâth, built to support the mining effort, formed in and around the dig site. Gholompotl is four hundred feet beneath the city. It is an Underdark town and trading center where surface and Underdark trade criss-cross between the peoples of Cinazan and those of the Underdark region Faeglor. If the Nermanis Sea were still around, Nirzanâth would be thirty feet under water, and Gholompotl would be 430' down along the seabed.

Nirzanâth is sited east of the merging of the Avalninâth and Inôr rivers. Deep and wide canals from the Inôr flow around and through the city. The city has access to hot water. This water comes to Nirzanâth through the Ulbazrân Aqueduct. This aqueduct, named after one of the former leaders of the Khazarkar Empire, has iron pipes that feed the hot springs of Izagûnê into the city.

The city is on the Bazrâ road. A large castle outside of the city protects the Izrik bridge. This bridge spans the north to sound bend of the Avalninâth.

He rolls away as a pyramid mounted on a wide wheel. It's a new form, subconsciously picked up when the Pillar, on their way to provide air support for the Khazarkar army, flew past Nirzanâth. His pyramid shape is a miniature of the many pyramids dotting the Nirzanâth skyline. He asked Galathrel what they were about, and she remarked that that the pyramids serve as churches to the god Set. The largest and most grandiose of them are also tombs for the Khazarkar Empire's fallen exarchs and setarchs, the latter the title for the emperor priests that have ruled the Khazarkar Empire for the last eight centuries.

- from the Godspawn Saga

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