Marragh Sphere 408

AliasSphere 408
Formed15 Lunar 1399 DE

The sixth planet of the Quara'tun System is Marragh. It is the home world of the Giff. A medium size planet, it has been described by outsiders as one with jagged mountain ranges, chasms, vast stretches of flat wasteland and deep valleys. Legend has it the valleys are a product of a rampaging primordial driven to wreck the world. This legend has more truth than most know, for in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), a water elemental behemoth named Tydal did so much damage that it impeded the growth of the Giff and other populations of the world.

Another facet of this world is its gravity. With a very weak gravitational field, things tend to grow bigger. Nearly all beasts on Marragh are of the Dire type.

For thousands of years, Marragh's broken terrain, very large predators, hampered the city-states of the region Atlasfell The Giff League claim this terrain and its dangers, the catalyst for their development of their first skyships.