Marragh Sphere 408

AliasSphere 408
Formed15 Lunar 1399 DE

The sixth planet of Quara'tun is Marragh. This is the home world of the Giff League, numerous gnomish city-states and other nations. This medium size planet has been described by outsiders as one with jagged mountain ranges, vast stretches of flat wasteland and deep valleys. The valleys are a product of a rampaging primordial that sought to wreck the world. In the Dawn Era, the primordial Tydal did enough damage to Marragh that it impeded the growth of land-bound populations for many ages. The other property of the world that affects its lifeforms is its gravity. Marragh has a very weak gravitational field resulting in some very large lifeforms. As such, all beasts of the world are of the dire type.

Marragh's dry and mostly impassable terrain, along with enormous predators running amok, delayed colonization of the surface. This spurred the Giff, with the aid of gnomish engine-making, to create the first skyships. Later, the giff discovered distant lands on the surface. These areas held verdant belts of grassland and forests, oceans, and other lands much more suited for living. Many giff migrated to these areas in the Second Epoch, while the more hardy remained in the rugged terrain of the Tûca-Hîr region.