Surtur approaches Imrik
CategoryHigher Powers
RaceFire Titan (Primordial)
Alignmentlawful evil
Symbolstreaking ball of magma
DomainDestruction, Fire, Greed, Purification, Strength
EnemiesGeb, Kossuth, Thasmudyan, Thyrm
Born5 Temporal 1457 DE
Godhood9 Brightstar 9488 GE

Surtur, son of Kossuth, is a primordial. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), he used volcanoes as a means of breaching a world's Web of Magic. At places like Graer, rifts were opened to Chaos. These were then used by Primordial Lords to besiege worlds.

Early in the Creation War, Surtur was given a command under Poseidon. At the time, Surtur had no claim to fame. Like many on both sides, he got his command because the person before him died. Once he had a command and was given some responsibility, Poseidon became jealous of the "boy's charisma, confidence and daring in battle, and growing leadership skills". Poseidon assigned him to northern Athoreon, having him use his gifts with controlling lava to harry the Nawirrûs Covenant. It was an ill-conceived operation that Surtur was not behind. Surtur claimed it had a high chance of failure, and that it would ruin his credibility if it failed. Nonethless, he followed orders. The disaster that followed with the Graer Breach did not have the desired effect on Surtur's growing status. Surtur's skills were needed in other theaters, his role in the debacle soon overshadowed by other victories.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), Surtur served along those he fought against in the previous war. As part of the Nautrek Deal, he joined the Quara'tun Covenant. One example of this help was the making of the volcano Typhalumus.

Both Geb and Surtur are remnants of the time before mortals, when the gods and primordials fought over the spoils of creation Those on the side of Creation wanted wanted to keep the worlds, while the primordials wanted to destroy it all. In the Creation War, most of the primordials were either destroyed, imprisoned, or driven back into Chaos. Geb and Surtur remained. They were found several times by angel trackers. An attack on them required a concerted effort, so the primordials fled. Geb burrowed through Bal-Kriav and created a vast expanse of caves and tunnels, a maze of passages, and collapsed many behind him. The trackers lost their quarry, and when they did come upon him, they lost because they fought under his conditions. The same happened with Surtur, he burned his way into the earth, and left a wake of magma and fire behind him. These two primordials proved adept at escaping and then when they had to fight, it was almost always under conditions favorable to them. The gods and their angels finally gave up pursuit and removed themselves from the realms. They left the task of guarding against primordial misdeeds to the mortals. The attacks never came, because both Geb and Surtur enjoyed their growing status and popularity among the mortals. When the gods started getting worshipers and their power increased, Geb and Surtur soon followed suit.

- Habanin, High Theologian of Thrakopolis - "Primordial Gods"

As the Lord of Fire, Surtur is primarily worshiped by fire giants, fire archons, fire elementals, and other fiery types. His home world is Muspelheim. He captured this world in the God Era, changing it from being a realm of chaos, fire, and air into one charged with the energies of negative entropy, fire, and air.

Surtur is enemy to the Lord of Ice, the primordial god Thyrm. On Bal-Kriav, their greatest feud is through mortal proxies fighting in the Thrones War.

In 125 HE, Surtur made an appearance at the Siege of Imrik. In this battle the fire god used his blade Aratourn to destroy part of the outer walls of the Volgad city.

Surtur came to prominence in the realm when he slew Huhueteotl. In 1455, Surtur went to Orrai, a fiery cauldron in the Abyss where the god Huhueteotl resided. Surtur was at the head of an army of fiendish fire giants and dozens of red dragons. During an epic battle between the two god's armies, Surtur squared off with Huhueteotl. The two fought for nearly thirty minutes, with each of their armies stopping to watch a fight that few beings ever witness. Surtur ended up slaying Huhueteotl on his own world, forever killing the god. The death of Huhueteotl created an earthquake that drained Orrai into the deep reaches of the abyssal world. Thousands of troops from both armies perished when they fell into deep crevices.

With the death of their god, Huhueteotl followers, especially those that worshiped fire or used that domain, became followers of Surtur. Goth-Dyvermoir, an empire of Bal-Kriav, was one such nation that dropped Huhueteotl and converted to Surtur worship.

When Huhueteotl died, Surtur took his fire domain and added it to is portfolio. Surtur's greater divine power is such that his priests gain +2 damage per die on all fire spells.

Temples to Surtur are built near geothermal activity. Surtur is said to control the great fiery heart of Bal-Kriav and control the flow of its liquid stone. In the Dawn Era, Surtur created the Great Vein of Surtur. He used this lava river to populate area across Midrêth with his people.

Surtur's next most hated enemy is the god Geb. Surtur, a pyromaniac, seeks to turn the surface of Bal-Kriav into a sea of fire. Thus, he is opposed by Geb, who as part of the Balance, seeks to maintain some sense of harmony and equality among the powers of the world. Geb, Master of the Earth, keeps back the fiery rivers of magma by causing earthquakes, cave-ins, and opposing the forces of Surtur with his worshipers.

Surtur has steadily gained power over the past 500 years. During this period, the Surticon helped in crushing the Black Tide of Thasmudyan (c.f. Artery War), thereby gaining recognition as a regional power in Hells Womb. The death of the god Huhueteotl and the loss of his strongest worshiper base at Goth-Dyvermoir also increased the influence of Surtur. After the demise of Huhueteotl, Surtur was promoted from lesser to a greater power among Bal-Kriav's pantheon.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
BigmarAsvard Fjoll
GangvoriGroi Heim
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+8,000 hit points as Greater Power
Modulating Energy+25 modulating energy damage for all attacks
Follower Boons
Huhueteotl Emberadd +2 damage to all fire attacksnone
Fire ResistanceFire Resistance 20, because it is a divine blessing, this stacks with other fire resistancepriests