Horgon Era Titan Era

AliasTitan Era
Period0 HE - 2000 HE

The Horgon Era, or Titan Era, spans the period 0 HE to 2000 HE. During this era, there were two main forces at play, the Horgon exodus from their home world Osâchar to the world Bal-Kriav, and might and influence of the Titan Empires.

This period of history goes by two names, either Horgon Era or Titan Era. Those of Brucrumus's far north, Cinazan, Ice Cap and Great Expanse, tend to use the term Titan Era. This is because for them the Horgon arrival was not as big an influence as the giants of Aslauthroa, Cûngin-Zar, Glangveif and Hofthorm. Those of the south, the majority, were affected more by the arrival of Horgon's refugees. This amalgamation of races, once part of a vast empire that had been so easily swept aside by brain-hungry illithids and their Thrall Infinity, brought with them their mixed cultures, customs, and technology. So, like the Lith-Crillion Era, which is named after the people who had the biggest influence, so is the Horgon Era named after the empire and its people that would have a large impact on Bal-Kriav's peoples.

Year 9 HE - Aslauthroa

The storm giants of Gindinâth establish the kingdom of Aslauthroa.

Year 16 HE - Varelay Upheaval

The volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of Tha'lith began to subside, ending what has become known as the Varelay Upheaval.

Year 27 HE - Bazud-Ganal

Bazud-Ganal is founded by the Turkûn-Khâl clans of Dunzakh.

Year 40 HE - Silnir

Silnir is founded by the fire giants.

Year 44 HE - Hlothrabatta

Hlothrabatta is founded by the goblins.

Year 76 HE - Isan-Kun

The kingdom Isan-Kun is founded by the deep gnomes of Gullvar.

Year 81 HE - Mulun-Dûna

Deep gnomes establish the settlement Mulun-Dûna.

Year 92 HE - Arnskar Tranformed

Aslauthroa's use of the Weathermaker turns the swamp Arnskar into a desert.

Year 98 HE - Battle of Hrenor

The giants of Saer Erkjorg and the people of Lúthil fight a great battle in the Eylami valley.

Year 104 HE - Lúthil Arcana Deal

Wizards and hierophants of Lúthil enter into a divine deal with the god Arcana. The Lúthil Arcana Deal begins an age of advancement for arcane and druidic magic.

Year 108 HE - Words of Diist'yol Dein

The ancient dragon Diist'yol Dein tells Kelksorli tales of fire giant glory and gives him a suit of armor called Hofthorm Plate.

Year 110 HE - Guldat Eruption

The volcano Guldat erupts. The Lava Flood War starts.

Year 123 HE -Aphelzâk

The settlement Aphelzâk is founded by the Volgad.

Year 125 HE - Fall of Imrik

In the Lava Flood War, the Volgad kingdom is defeated by a fire giant army under Kelksorli. With the fall of Imrik, the fire giants gain control of much of Borngring. The Volgad establish a new capital at Aphelzâk.

The Šukhan Legion disbands.

The Hallabor War begins.

Year 130 HE - Hallabor War

The Hallabor War ends.

Year 132 HE - Fall of Lúthil

Saer Erkjorg captures Lúthil.

Year 133 HE - Death of Ink'ar

The Impar'lex War, a near century-long war between the githyanki and githzerai, abruptly ends when all spiritual contact is lost with the demigod Ink'ar.

Year 135 HE - First Suellk Invasion

The illithid empire Suellk begins their invasion of Ghífthauk. This conflict between the illithids, githyanki, and githzerai becomes known as the First Suellk Invasion.

Year 145 HE - Rise of Hofthorm

After years of conflict, the fire giants of Steirgar are united under Chieftain Kelksorli. He establishes the Hofthorm kingdom and becomes its first king.

Year 150 HE - Subjugation of Ghífthauk

The First Suellk Invasion ends with the near complete subjugation of the githyanki and githzerai of Ghífthauk. This begins a period of servitude called the Flayer Occupation.

Year 159 HE - Rise of Horgon

The Torc Wars end. Three powerful Durkoth, the Saints of Maen, join their petty empires together forming a confederacy called Horgon.

Year 175 HE - Tinvaakin Kurtulmak

The mage guild Tinvaakin Kurtulmak is established.

Year 176 HE - Zenal-Tarush

The bardic college Zenal-Tarush is established.

Year 212 HE - Rise of Talothand

The fire giants of the Dragon Wall unite their tribes under one king, forming the kingdom of Talothand.

Year 222 HE - Harknori

The settlement Harknori is founded by the Titan Empire of Hofthorm.

Year 228 HE - Yatthânûr

Nithian wizards from Volgad build the castle of Yatthânûr.

Year 251 HE - Arachnidion

On Cryphoeca, the neogi empire Arachnidion is established.

Year 252 HE - Into Kamoni

Orc tribes led by Gruumsh, drive the Gud-Mortoth, a rival orc tribe infiltrated by Demogorgon cultists, into the Kamoni jungle.

Year 253 HE - Arnogrygg

The settlement Arnogrygg is founded by Hofthorm kingdom.

Year 260 HE - Tarkrath

The settlement Tarkrath is founded by the Gud-Mortoth.

Year 275 HE - Rise of Cûngin-Zar

The stone giants of Molfath are united under one king, forming the kingdom of Cûngin-Zar.

Year 310 HE - World Splitter

The Mezrack find an ancient god-made device called the World Splitter.

Year 312 HE - Sacking of Bazud-Ganal

Goliath tribes of Dunzakh sack the dwarven city Bazud-Ganal.

Year 314 HE - Rise of Glangveif

The frost giants of the northern reaches of the Giant Steps are united under a tyrannical ruler. The Glangveif empire is established.

Year 315 HE - Mezrack Start the World Splitter

The Mezrack activate the World Splitter and begin using it to find ore veins inside of Dûlan-Nûl.

Year 330 HE - Dûlan-Nûl Breakup

The moon Dûlan-Nûl breaks apart, sending parts of it into Ilabizdum and the others spiraling through the Void.

The settlement Alatáriël is founded by Gwildath colonists.

Year 331 HE - Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm

Fragments of the moon Dûlan-Nûl rain down upon Bal-Kriav. This Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm impacts areas across Midrêth.

Year 332 HE - Azaraglad

The settlement Azaraglad is founded by the survivors of the World Splitter wreckage.

Year 364 HE - Uromon

Deep gnome settlers out of Isan-Kun build the settlement Uromon.

Year 369 HE - Mîmig-Khâla

The settlement Mîmig-Khâla is founded by the Mezrack.

Year 371 HE - Vynnendar

Vynnendar is founded by Mulun-Dûna colonists.

Year 400 HE - Khage Splinter

Eight dwarven clans splinter from the Khage. They leave Thadir and travel east where they settle in the peaks of Inzurakthol.

Year 420 HE - Bimothak

Gulgar tribes of Granitoid escape to Bal-Kriav. These tribes, collectively called the Bimothak, settle in the crags of Eldimen.

Year 412 HE - Lumnaar Hok

The settlement Lumnaar Hok is founded by the dragonborn.

Year 422 HE - Guthnimor

The Guthnimor settlement is founded by the Sulukhan storm giants.

Year 427 HE - Indushmêk

The settlement Indushmêk is founded by the dwarves of Khalas.

Year 430 HE - Second Suellk Invasion

The Second Suellk Invasion begins.

Year 441 HE - Kathodrarg

The settlement Kathodrarg is founded by the descendants of the Piamauza tribe.

Year 442 HE - Closing of Onk'ar Decath

A Null Mine planted by mortal agents of Loki and Athena collapse the rift Onk'ar Decath.

Year 461 HE - Galir-Khizad Uprising

A violent slave revolt begins in Vîlnên.

Year 464 HE - Galir-Khizad Independence

Galir-Khizad throws off the yoke of their Vîlnên masters, once again becoming an independent city-state and ending the Galir-Khizad Uprising.

Year 485 HE - Irrangrad

The fortress of Irrangrad is built by Bael Turath.

The blue dragon Resalth erects the fortress of Resalth Lingraav.

Year 487 HE - Haugald

In the frigid highlands of the Giant Steps, the frost giants of Glangveif build the settlement Haugald.

Year 488 HE - Taklumlode

The kingdom of Taklumlode is established.

The Dominion of Resalth is established.

Year 500 HE - Froglem

The settlement Froglem is founded by Viing Qeth's bullywug.

Year 506 HE - Cinyossion Conflict

The Cinyossion Conflict begins.

Year 507 HE - Rise of Malad-Mîn

The dwarf clans of the central highlands of Khalas unite together under the Malad-Mîn.

Year 512 HE - Vadrarg

The Vadrarg fortress is completed by the fire giant kingdom of Talothand.

Year 514 HE - Izdurgrak

Malad-Mîn begins construction on fort Izdurgrak.

Year 526 HE - Rise of Bael Turath

The Piamauza empire Bael Turath is established in Enkii Jusk.

Year 527 HE - Fall of of Volgad

The Volgad kingdom falls with the capture of Aphelzâk, ending the Cinyossion Conflict.

Year 528 HE - Rise of Tamlêrran

Nithians establish Tamlêrran.

Year 531 HE - Nizgimân

The settlement Nizgimân is founded by Tamlêrran.

Year 537 HE - Horgon Abandonment of Osâchar

The Second Suellk Invasion ends with the downfall of the Horgon empire. Tens of thousands of Durkoth and their slaves flee their home world Osâchar. They escape in ancient ships called the Helas Vessels.

Year 538 HE - Lost in the Void

An armada of voidships called the Revered Minds are lost in a nebulae called Deep Mist.

Year 571 - Carororn

Hobgoblins, cast out from their home world Kriav, build the settlement Carororn.

Year 576 HE - Sodlund

Sodlund is built by the Glangveif.

Year 588 HE - Death of Maglubiyet

The god Maglubiyet is killed by Gruumsh. As a result of this feat, Gruumsh becomes a Higher Power, a god by conquest.

Year 600 HE - Rise of Arkhosia

The dragonborn tribes of the Aerie of Dragons establish the federation of Arkhosia.

Year 610 HE - Filion'lyr

The settlement Filion'lyr is founded by drow colonists from Bal-Kriav's parallel world Kriav.

Year 612 HE - Fjorstaki

The settlement Fjorstaki is founded by Glangveif.

The Anzar Sect is established.

Year 613 HE - Fjorstaki Rift

A sect of Thyrm fanatics opens the Fjorstaki Rift.

Year 630 HE - Rise of Smizerak

Dwarven clans of Kilth form an alliance that becomes the kingdom of Smizerak.

Year 633 HE - Gholompotl

The settlement Gholompotl is founded by the Kerkril kuo-toans.

Year 640 HE - Vith Alok

Coldwrath, a dragonborn of Arkhosia establishes the dragon cult Vith Alok.

Year 645 HE - Talos Ascends

Talos ascends to godhood.

Year 652 HE - Charda'thrae

The settlement Charda'thrae is founded as a mining camp by Filion'lyr prospectors.

Year 689 HE - Azudushmanam

The Azudushmanam fort is built by the Malad-Mîn.

Year 705 HE - Dhaunril'yraen

The settlement Dhaunril'yraen is founded by the Drarthiel drow.

Year 720 HE - Nénharma

Gwildath colonists cross over to Bal-Kriav, establishing the Nénharma settlement.

Year 721 HE - Harkmaer

Aslauthroa builds the stronghold Harkmaer.

Year 730 HE - End of the Sulukhans

The Sulukhan-Svirrurm Feud comes to an end when the Sulukhan family are wiped out at Guthnimor.

Gwildath colonists cross over to Bal-Kriav, establishing the Celanil settlement.

Year 731 HE - Belephant-Elebros

The settlement Belephant-Elebros is founded by Charda'thrae colonists.

Year 740 HE - Naral-Mîma take Guthnimor

Driven south by the Tungesti, the Naral-Mîma take claim to Guthnimor.

Year 741 HE - Rise of Skuttirk

The sea titans in the deep waters off the coasts of Hleirt Vokun (c.f. Hells Womb) establish the empire Skuttirk.

Year 745 HE - King Tolfreid

The fire giant warlord Tolfreid becomes king of Hofthorm.

Year 760 HE - Exiled Fire King

King Tolfreid of Hofthorm is charged with being under the influence of Glangveif agents; that happen to be his concubines. He is exiled from the kingdom.

Year 762 HE - Krarthjar

In the southern reaches of Grashakh, construction begins on the fire giant bastion of Krarthjar.

Year 775 HE - Trygrorm

The Storsald stone giants build the Trygrorm keep.

Year 780 HE - Fall of Talothand

Arkhosia destroys the last pocket of Talothand resistance, bringing an end to the fire giant kingdom of Talothand.

Year 781 HE - Herfarel

The settlement Herfarel is founded by Phalkhîr's kriavian elves.

Year 783 HE - Kangjald

Kangjald is built by the fire giants of Krarthjar.

Year 784 HE - Cytus Pupil

Cytus Pupil is founded.

Year 840 HE - Rise of Abhômaipeth

The beholder Abhômaipeth establishes an empire under his name.

Year 846 HE - Antokepf

The settlement Antokepf is founded by the goblins of Emeldimir.

Year 855 HE - Valefor

The Dasath build the settlement Valefor.

The settlement Vhurindrar is founded by Dhaunril'yraen colonists.

Year 862 HE - Horgon Arrival

Remnants of the Horgon empire arrive on Bal-Kriav.

Molakh-Búle establishes the Abâthigûr empire. The settlement Mulun'nâth is founded as its capital.

Year 865 HE - Nagdúrzol

Nagdúrzol is founded by the minions of Rioch Tetrax.

Year 863 HE - Argruxiel

Argruxiel is founded by the Durkoth and Theegans that emerged from the Spire of Krak-Oth.

Year 869 HE - Gambriath Slaughter

The goblin necromancer Kyvile begins his revenge on Gambriath's sprites.

Year 870 HE - Birth of the Muneyd'vith

At the Spire of Neld-Rac, Neld-Rac creates a dragon-like humanoid called Muneyd'vith.

Year 872 HE - Rise of Araj

Theegans under Krak-Oth establish the Araj empire.

Year 881 HE - Tholamid

Tholamid is built by the Glangveif.

Year 882 HE - Phanêthil

The settlement Phanêthil is founded by Abâthigûr.

Year 887 HE - Dominion of Resalth

The Dominion of Resalth is established.

Year 888 HE - Vaknor Gevild

The settlement Vaknor Gevild is founded by Ashmerthoon.

Year 890 HE - Râpha-Sûn

The settlement Râpha-Sûn is founded by Abâthigûr.

Year 891 HE - Bor

The settlement Bor is founded by the stone giants of Cûngin-Zar.

Year 892 HE - Zînin-Gulc

The settlement Zînin-Gulc is founded by Araj.

Year 898 HE - March of Resalth

The Dominion of Resalth begins a campaign of territorial expansion, starting the March of Resalth.

Year 899 HE - Fall of Lumnaar Hok

Lumnaar Hok is captured by the forces of Balfroglemis. The city becomes a holding of the Dominion of Resalth.

Year 911 HE - Vampire Wars

The First Merioss Crusade begins.

Year 915 HE - Mularûn

The settlement Mularûn is founded by the Abâthigûr.

Year 920 HE - Pyre Mug

The First Merioss Crusade ends. Unbenownst to them, the Radiant Cross takes claim of the Pyre Mug.

Year 923 HE - Grisapho Vu'tira

Grisapho Vu'tira, the first Blood Cult of Kezgihr, is founded in the ruins of Drachlaz.

Year 933 HE - Urgalroth

Rereth begins construction on a laboratory that would become the heart of a massive fortification called Urgalroth.

The March of Resalth ends and the Arkhosia Resalth War begins.

Cirongwathir is founded by Nénharma separatists.

Year 943 HE - Drazh Dok

A special unit of priests and rangers is formed by Smizerak to patrol the fringes of Drachlaz. This order was named Drazh Dok, which is loosely translated Dwarven for Night Vigil.

Year 946 HE - Fall of Resalth

The Dominion of Resalth is destroyed by Arkhosia, ending the Arkhosia Resalth War.

Year 952 HE - Bâluzrik

The settlement Bâluzrik is founded by Abâthigûr.

Year 973 HE - Dispaters Concubines

The cult Dispaters Concubines is established by the hobgoblin shamans around Ragil.

Year 980 HE - Okaaz Spiir

The settlement Okaaz Spiir (c.f. Irthorn) is founded by Arkhosia.

Year 988 HE - Dragonborn Nationalism

Feeling pressure from Arkhosia, and a nationalist sentiment of a greater Dragonborn state, Diiv Revakaad becomes a holding of the Arkhosia Empire.

Year 995 HE - Durkoth Descent

Across Midrêth, the Durkoth begin mutating. For some it takes years to undergo the process, others only days. With a body more suitable for the sea, the mutated Durkoth leave for deep water, beginning the Durkoth Descent.

Year 996 HE - Birth of the Aggorath

The first Aggorath is born from a Muneyd'vith and a hobgoblin.

Year 998 HE - Naudvar War

Seeking territory claimed by Tuc'hoom, the Durkoth empire Abâthigûr starts the Naudvar War.

Year 1000 HE - First Sussgurd Liberation

The Sussgurd drive out the Hydrocur from Râpha-Sûn and seize the city from the waning empire Abâthigûr.

Year 1001 HE - Rise of Kuladul

With Carororn its capital, the hobgoblin empire Kuladul is established.

Year 1003 HE - Sundering of Ghol Markúl

The isle of Ghol Markúl is ripped asunder by the concerted sonic blasts of an army of whales. The Sundering of Ghol Markúl ends the Naudvar War.

Year 1009 HE - Immortal Molakh-Búle

Nearing the end of his natural life, Molakh-Búle, leader of the Abâthigûr Empire, turns himself into a lich.

Year 1011 HE - Fall of Abâthigûr

The Durkoth Descent claims its first victim. The Abâthigûr empire collapses after its Durkoth masters descend into Zen'nêlkhush.

Giracian ascends to godhood.

Year 1013 HE - Ogharkú

The undersea settlement Ogharkú is founded by the Durkoth.

Year 1017 HE - Ogharkú

Many Durkoth of the Spire of Neld-Rac began mutating. These Chosen Durkoth make for the seas, joining the Durkoth Descent.

Year 1019 HE - Hydrocur Depart Necrocrypt

The Hydrocur, faced with the scourge of undead, abandon Nithlurik. They journey southwest, settling in the bays of northern Izagunbar.

The undersea settlement Bue'kaa is founded by the Hydrocur.

Year 1020 HE - Limac-Nîr

The undersea settlement Limac-Nîr is founded by the Durkoth under Neld-Rac.

Year 1024 HE - Tua'kee

The island port Tua'kee is built.

Year 1126 HE - Phlem

The settlement Phlem is founded by Gurutharni's blackscales.

Year 1053 HE - Kol'taa

Kol'taa is built by the Hydrocur.

Year 1100 HE - Durkoth Depart Araj

The Durkoth, as part of the Durkoth Descent, begin abandoning Araj.

Year 1121 HE - Neld-Rac Ascends

Neld-Rac ascends to godhood.

Year 1141 HE - T'kyr

The settlement T'kyr is founded by the sahuagin of Tildon Deep.

Year 1150 HE - Durkoth Depart Nagdúrzol

Durkoth begin leaving Nagdúrzol for the deeps of the Pearl Sea.

Year 1170 HE - Inendeep

Inendeep is founded.

Year 1180 HE - Ikhenholmbracs End

Ikhenholmbrac abandons his empire, flies west to his final rest at Viing Qeth.

Year 1200 HE - Durkoth Abandon Araj

The last of the Durkoth abandon Araj. The Theegans take over the reigns of government.

Year 1209 HE - Dragon Tongue

The merchant ship Trielasog discovers, and then enters the Sea Tunnel. They leave the tunnel when the ship strikes a column of water. The ship is brought upwards and deposited on the surface of Yatúrz.

Year 1211 HE - Varrogrith

Varrogrith is built by Bael Turath.

Gatiranda becomes an independent city-state.

Year 1216 HE - First Burn

The First Burn erupts between Arkhosia and Bael Turath.

Year 1225 HE - Treaty of Naas Horit

The Treaty of Naas Horit ends the First Burn.

Year 1247 HE - Zerot

Zerot is founded.

Year 1250 HE - Tiamat's Influence

Followers of Tiamat began to cause problems in Arkhosia.

Year 1251 HE - Nil Koraaviik

The science group Nil Koraaviik is founded by Arkhosian scholars.

Year 1279 HE - Platinum Inquisition

The Arkhosian churches of Bahamut began rooting out Tiamat's followers. This becomes known as the Platinum Inquisition.

Year 1285 HE - Birth of the Elderaunt

In the labs of Bue'kaa, deep under the waters of Ginnoth, the Hydrocur create the Elderaunt race.

Year 1288 HE - Krak-Oth Ascends

Krak-Oth ascends to godhood.

Year 1290 HE - Tiamat's Flock Expelled

Arkhosia expels the followers of Tiamat from its territory. This ends the Platinum Inquisition.

Year 1293 HE - Viing Prolgiid

The settlement Viing Prolgiid is founded by Arkhosian exiles.

Year 1301 HE - Rioch Tetrax Ascends

Rioch Tetrax ascends to godhood.

The dragonborn of Viing Prolgiid establish the empire Galirkrad.

Year 1302 HE - Arazindam

The settlement Arazindam is founded by Andigimok colonists.

Year 1310 HE - Whitefang

A cult dedicated to dragon mastery and creation is founded at Viing Prolgiid. This cult is called Whitefang and works closely with the Galirkrad military.

Year 1315 HE - Subversion Campaign

Whitefang begins infiltrating Vith Alok.

Year 1311 HE - Vul Gol

The settlement Vul Gol (c.f. Vrak-Tror) is founded by Arkhosia.

Year 1340 HE - Arkhosia Valefor War

War erupts between Valefor and Arkhosia. This conflict becomes known as the Arkhosia Valefor War.

Year 1355 HE - Thyrms Breath

A minor unnatural ice age grips the lands. This lasts nearly two hundred years and kills countless souls. This event is called Thyrms Breath. This ice age leads to the disappearance of the Durkoth and is often considered the conclusion of the Durkoth Descent.

Valefor is overrun by demon hordes.

Year 1388 HE - Keel Overlook

Dromite pirates establish the settlement Keel Overlook.

Year 1402 HE - Neben-Skerah

The underground religious complex Neben-Skerah is built by followers of Tiamat.

Year 1405 HE - Dragon Cult Subversion

Whitefang's subversion campaign against Vith Alok ends. The Cult's original beliefs of dragon empowerment and reverence are nearly gone. The Cult is now one of evil machinations with the goals of dragon domination and creating new dragon-blooded creatures.

Year 1411 HE - Moth

The settlement Moth is founded by the hobgoblins of Esto'khar.

Year 1422 HE - Vorthad

Elkroz Vah fire giants finish constructing the massive castle Vorthad.

Year 1426 HE - Mokerrian Ascends

Mokerrian ascends from divine influence, becoming the first neogi Higher Power.

Year 1441 HE - Snirthjar

The settlement Snirthjar is founded by Aslauthroa.

Year 1456 HE - Second Burn

The Second Burn begins.

Year 1474 HE - Treaty of Berrobess

The Treaty of Berrobess ends the Second Burn.

Year 1499 HE - Vith Niigol

Arkhosia completes construction of Vith Niigol.

Year 1504 HE - Third Burn

The Third Burn begins.

Year 1506 HE - Galzaras Watch

Arkhosia completes construction of Galzaras Watch.

Year 1512 HE - Lot 396

In the early morning hours of 12 Hollow, Lot 396 escapes its biosphere at Senaisan and becomes the first Hive Swarm.

The all-female storm giant order Beirgnar Fingil is founded at Griddrir.

Year 1521 HE - Arkhosia Abandons Hells Womb

The growing conflict with Bael Turath, forces Arkhosia to abandon their territorial interests in Hells Womb. The largest holdings they leave behind is Vul Gol (c.f. Vrak-Tror).

Year 1522 HE - Battle of Vith Ruus

The Battle of Vith Ruus is waged between Arkhosia and Bael Turath. With the loss of their Dragon Lord in this battle, Arkhosia goes to the peace table, ending the Third Burn.

Year 1531 HE - Incarsabec Rebellion

Githyanki and githzerai slaves of Suellk, rise up against their slave lords, starting the Incarsabec Rebellion.

Year 1533 HE - Fall of Cûngin-Zar

The Khalas Pact captures Aemar, resulting in the fall of Cûngin-Zar.

Year 1535 HE - Fall of Saer Erkjorg

A civil war brings down the eldritch empire Saer Erkjorg.

Year 1537 HE - Spoiling of Hou'tzor

The lich Erthjorn is defeated by the dwarves of Izdurgrak. The lich's essence drains into the deathly cold ice of Hou'tzor, haunting it for all eternity.

Year 1544 HE - End of the Incarsabec Rebellion

Most of the former slaves of Suellk have abandoned their home world Ghífthauk and left for the Astral Sea, ending the Incarsabec Rebellion.

Year 1552 HE - Feeding of Kezgihr Begins

Vampires, starved from overfeeding and conditions brought on by Thyrms Breath, began making inroads into Honmin. This vampire menace becomes known as the Feeding of Kezgihr.

Year 1555 HE - Thyrms Breath

The ice age Thyrms Breath ends.

Year 1559 HE - Birth of Amaglothorn

Whitefang incubates and hatches one of Tiamats Clutch, calling the white dragon hatching Amaglothorn.

Year 1560 HE - Hlotho Zîn

Hlotho Zîn, a Blood Cult of Kezgihr is founded in the poorest quarter of Kraarion.

Year 1575 HE - Third Dragon Wake

The Third Dragon Wake begins. The Arkhosian city Lumnaar Hok is destroyed by the apocalypse dragon Níðhöggr.

Year 1576 HE - Dragon Slumber

The dragons of the Third Dragon Wake return to their slumbers, ending the dragon scourge.

Year 1577 HE - Last Burn

The Last Burn begins.

Year 1579 HE - Duluk-Zirag

The settlement Duluk-Zirag is founded by Arazindam.

Year 1581 HE - Hyassalmo

Hyassalmo is founded by Eldalweril.

Year 1588 HE - Selûn

The settlement Selûn is founded by the Alukhans.

Year 1594 HE - Khilgand

Castle Khilgand is built by those serving under the red dragon Nveryioth.

Year 1600 HE - Fall of Arkhosia

The brutal conflict with Bael Turath having taken its toll on both empires, results in the fall of Arkhosia, and bringing an end to the Last Burn.

Declaring independence, Vhurindrar begins the Nebulous War with Dhaunril'yraen.

Year 1603 HE - Fihrreah

The settlement Fihrreah is founded by illithids under the elder brain Berb'othe.

The Nebulous War ends.

Year 1610 HE - Kel'gah

The settlement Kel'gah is founded by Piamauza fleeing the Bael Turath Civil War.

Year 1612 HE - Fall of Bael Turath

Internal strife, free-willed devils, and a wrecked economy bring an end to Bael Turath. The former cities of this nation become independent city-states.

Year 1613 HE - Balmoloch

The settlement Azrunâth is founded by refugees of Bael Turath. Nearing the end of the year the settlement Balmoloch is founded by Dragur Morerenne.

Year 1625 HE - Cenereth

Cenereth is built.

Year 1614 HE - Piamauza Occupy Bruh Gevul

Piamauza refugees of Bael Turath move into the ancient ruin Bruh Gevul.

Year 1615 HE - Rise of Draguron

After fleeing Bael Turath, Piamauza refugees make for Cinazan where they establish the Draguron empire.

Year 1617 HE - Kathodrarg Abandoned

Stricken by disease and haunted by malevolent spirits, Kathodrarg is abandoned.

Year 1619 HE - Hydrocur Departure from Izagunbar

The elderaunts drive the Hydrocur from the bays and islands of northern Izagunbar.

Year 1621 HE - Varrogrith Sacked

Ashmerthoon sacks Varrogrith.

Year 1633 HE - Dragur

The settlement Dragur is founded by Draguron.

Year 1648 HE - Nym-Zoedine

The Nym-Zoedine glacier is formed after Glangveif warlocks use an ancient primordial artifact to freeze an entire hobgoblin army.

Year 1649 HE - Orra

Orra is resettled by the Duraigosân tribe.

Year 1666 HE - Kezgihr Ascends

Kezgihr ascends from divine influence, becoming the first vampire Higher Power.

Year 1675 HE - Gúra

Gúra is founded by the Toomrur.

Year 1686 HE - Rîni

The Abusai resettle Rîni.

Year 1711 HE - Chaongrit

A massive feydark fissure opens in the Xalyth sector of Menortamon. It is named Chaongrit after the xvart druid responsible for its opening.

Year 1725 HE - Fall of Viing Prolgiid

Ashmerthoon captures Viing Prolgiid. This ushers in the downfall of Galirkrad, the last dragonborn empire.

Year 1731 HE - Hagurthand

Fort Hagurthand is built by Duluk-Zirag.

Year 1755 HE - Sos Vrii

The dragon cult Sos Vrii is founded by the hobgoblin sorcerer Kynux.

Year 1776 HE - Fall of Moth

Moth falls to Draguron.

Year 1789 HE - Tigošal

The settlement Tigošal is founded by the Duraigosân.

Year 1798 HE - Feeding of Kezgihr Ends

The Feeding of Kezgihr comes to an end.

Year 1815 HE - Gon'tora

The settlement Gon'tora is founded by the aboleth.

Year 1831 HE - Ukhan Archives

After the death of a famous elderaunt historian, the sprawling complex of research, libraries, and record storage structures around his tower is named the Ukhan Archives.

Year 1850 HE - Malardân

The settlement Malardân is founded by the Mîmêk.

Year 1868 HE - Azoloch

Azoloch is built by Gon'torians.

Year 1872 HE - Bughor

The settlement Bughor is founded by the Toomrur.

Year 1880 HE - The Blighted Council

Dark treants and undead treats calling themselves the Blighted Council take over the Antokepf's government.

Year 1881 HE - The Glutton Ascends

The Glutton ascends to godhood.

Year 1888 HE - Tharuzbaluk

The settlement Tharuzbaluk is founded by Hagurthand fishermen.

Year 1891 HE - Fall of Aslauthroa

The 9th Aslauthroa Civil War ends with the break-up of the Aslauthroa empire.

Year 1895 HE - Talos Demoted

Having lost too many worshipers, Talos is demoted, losing his status as a god.

Year 1900 HE - Nagapolis

The settlement Nagapolis is founded by the greenscales of Sinarag.

Year 1905 HE - Fall of Fihrreah

Fihrreah falls to the aboleth slave armies of Gon'tora.

Year 1906 HE - Ginrall

The settlement Ginrall is founded by illithids under the elder brain Enen'kykha.

Year 1910 HE - Tharuzbaluk Independence

Tharuzbaluk declares itself an independent city-state, leading to war with its mother city Hagurthand.

Year 1945 HE - Rise of Ethenoran

The largest group of wood elves on Karnegmoth, establish the kingdom of Ethenoran.

Year 1962 HE - Tiya'lith

Elygore Tiya'lith establishes an empire in his name - Tiya'lith.

Year 1991 HE - Rise of Irdtrax

The city-states Hagurthand, Tharuzbaluk, Arazindam, and Duluk-Zirag are united together under the Irdtrax empire.

Year 1995 HE - Poseidon's Wrath

In his second major violation of the Mandate of the Heavens, the god Poseidon sinks part of the Arskel mountains. This wipes out the storm giant city Hleirim and leads to the creation of the bay Klo'nah Lomok. This event is known as the Sinking of Hleirim.

The First Epoch
EpochEra BeginEra End
Dawn Era0 DE8777 DE
God Era8778 GE9500 GE
Lith-Crillion Era0 LE3000 LE
Horgon Era0 HE2000 HE
First Epoch0999
Second Epoch10001499
Third Epoch15002000