Morwuld Briin Cyclone Ocean

AliasCyclone Ocean
Climatesub-tropical to tropical

In the Dawn Era, Bahaumut named this great ocean Morwuld Briin, which in Draconic means Cyclone Ocean. Morwuld Briin is south of the continent Amachan and along the southeastern coasts of Brucrumus. It is a vast body of water stretching for thousands of miles beyond these continents, past Angvild all the way to Tarôzîr. The waters beyond Angvild are largely uncharted with only the Gimrune having made long treks across it.

Morwuld Briin is subject to strong storms and cyclones during the months of Bliss and Dreamer which can be a boon or doom for those sailing during these months.

The oceans seas ships of many flags and has its fair share of pirating. The largest nations to ply these seas are the merchantmen and navies of the Khazarkar Empire and Shounejo.

Notable Islands