RegionGrashakh, Cinazan
MapUgradrath Mountains

Ugradrath is a towering mountain range that serves as a natural border between the Orchish Empire and the Khazarkar Empire. Splitting these imposing and nearly impassable peaks is the fast moving Alarthand river. Within the parallel mountain ranges of Ugradrath are deep valleys, canyons, numerous watch towers, ruined fortifications, lairs of untold horrors, and a vast cave system. The cave system is both natural and hewn. The Githirmil made and continue to make numerous tunnels and passages under the mountains. These tunnels have been used on numerous occasions to attack the Khazarkar Empire. When these are not used or patrolled, they become havens for all sorts of beasts. In more recent times, these caves have become the warrens of troglodytes. Nobody knows how many there are down there, but their numbers have restricted the use of the cave system for military purposes.

The main route used for traffic to get from one side of the mountains to the other is the Benâth pass. The northern side of Ugradrath gives way to the deep evergreen forest of N'nathil and the territory of the Khazarkar Empire.

During the Horgon Era, the northern reaches of Ugradrath were controlled by the Titan Empire of Glangveif. They controlled this area from the massive citadel of Fjorstaki. This ruined city is high in the mountains and very difficult to reach. The upper reaches of Ugradrath are littered with mines, mining towns, and forts. Many of these places are abandoned, having been worked out by the Glangveif or by the empires that have followed. A lot of the ruined towers, bastions, and walls of northern Ugradrath are leftovers from the many conflicts between Hofthorm and Glangveif.

Ugradrath is known for its rich gold mines. Those that are still operating are mined by the Khazarkar Empire and the Orchish Empire. In the area of the Anzar glacier, the gold mines are inside the glacier, pulled into this world by the Fjorstaki Rift.