FounderCaptain Gadbog
Founded27 Witchrite 1002

Like most holds of Anutoth, Salandirik began as a pirate base. It was founded in 1002 by Dromite pirates serving under Captain Gadbog. The base grew in size and population with each passing year of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017). This a period of history where six empires were forced to move to other regions and continents. This all led to a lot of refugee ships moving back and forth, across the Sea of Mourning and the channel sea Salzârrâk. Captain Gadbog was no slaver, so if people could be ransomed they were taken, otherwise the ship was stripped of its valuables and sent on its way.

In 1017, the closing year of the Great Exodus, Salandirik fell to Ivory Asylum's navy. The fortified town grew rapidly under its new owner. Administration was turned over to a elderaunt clan that had long been problematic for Ivory Asylum's government.

A decade after the founding of Tâchumâz, Salandirik's leaders began to see the growth of a commercial rival. The tribe running this decade old settlement was the Irastâ. This tribe, in Elderaunt terms, a group of families working together loyal first to family, then to tribe, then to empire, was much like those at Salandirik - a threat to Ivory Asylum stability. As such, they were "sent away" to manage one of Ivory Asylum's growing frontier settlements.

In 1467, led by an undead king and admiral, Bloodtusk forces captured Salandirik. For three centuries after, the lich queen Cryanus ruled the city. After the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), her economic principles turned the path of the Kingdom of Bloodtusk to one of growth. She had the city's port expanded and nearby rivers dredged and patrolled. This was done to open up trade with the interior (c.f. Yaram). Many lost their lives in this work, with fetid swamps and bogs visiting disease and threat of attack by beasts and monsters. Many of those that perished were not left to waste, instead becoming Salandirik's Sleepless Guard. This force of undead, grew with time and no conflict, birthed from a principle religiously followed by Black Tide's adherents; and no doubt, disciples of the undead god Thasmudyan.

Necromancy is a powerful component of war. Our living soldiers fight twice, first as a mortal, and then as undead.

Pinth, excerpt from his book - "An Army of Living Dead"

The city's lich queen made efforts to grow the city by bringing in more living creatures. Half of this living population were slaves, the other willing to overlook the fact that undead under magical constraints, were everywhere, yet risking the stay as long as money could be made. This worked for about two centuries, with Salandirik becoming the most important port of western Ma'Ohari. Cryanus, agent of the Council of Nine, was behind this success. Eventually though, the city's undead began to outnumber the living. In the last century of Bloodtusk rule, economic stagnation and misery, brought on by the undead, reversed all of this. What happened in Salandirik spread outward across the Kingdom and made them vulnerable to neighbors that wanted to rid the region of Black Tide influence.

In 1798, the third year of the Burterinii-Bloodtusk War (1795 - 1800), Salandirik was captured by forces of the B.B.A. Soon to have their old enemy on both sides of their cities, the Pirate Lords, party to the B.B.A., watched with some concern as the city passed under the flag of the Burterinii Empire.

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