Mutant Progress Bureau

RegionDrarthiel, Hells Womb
SymbolDeep Rock
Established9 Brighstar 1455

The Mutant Progress Bureau was established to study the mutative properties of deep rocks. Initially, it was done to see how long miners could be exposed to the stuff without killing them. This mining of deep rocks was happening far under Paradomea City, on the edges of her sister hold Undercity. On the periphery of this city is the Gandûm-Thûr mines, an area packed with silver and crystal veins that before Undercity became a hold of Paradomea, was largely avoided. It was mined by the un-living, golems and mutants. There were never enough of either, so mining was extremely slow and expensive.

Over the centuries before the rise of Undercity, Underdark miners had learned that the deep rocks were the cause of many deaths, and that it had lasting effects on some and their blood lines. The earliest record of one to become a mutant was with a hardy minder at Undercity Camp 4. This deep dwarf was genetically altered from long exposure to deep rocks. As a mutant, he was now immune to the deep rocks, so he took on a sponsor, and turned to charging insane rates for his labor. Eventually he got so wealthy, that he became a target.

In the Second Epoch, Syndic Lasestrov sought ways to mine the deep rock rich areas and their surrounding riches without losing his entire workforce from exposure. This led to the establishment of the Mutant Progress Bureau. The bureau's research focuses on exposing subjects to deep rocks.

Paradomea's Doom Squads are supplied by the Mutant Progress Bureau.

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