Merchant League

Typetrade syndicate
Trade AreaHells Womb, Izagunbar, Ma'Ohari
HeadquartersParadomea City
Symbolnine interlocked gold circles
Founded14 War March 1268
Disbanded11 Lunar 1290

In the waning years of the Kal-Oni, nine merchant houses controlled much of the trade in the then fishing port called Paradomea (c.f. Paradomea City). Two of these companies were run by Nermaneans out of Bathor. It is often said that these Nermaneans, with sometimes ruthless business practices formulated in days of the Nermanis conglomerate "empire", were the ones driving the effort to bring the merchant houses together. When Kal-Oni Empire fell in 1266, the merchants and their large mercenary armies were the sole powers of their fallen empire. For two years, they policed and governed the remnants of their former empire.

In 1268, the merchant lords became known as the Merchant League. For a little over a decade, they ran Paradomea City like a syndicate; with a charter very similar to the Coin Bylaws that once governed the Nermanis Syndicate.

In 1282, the Merchant League and the nobles of numerous fiefdoms anchored on Nadrunal, crafted the Lower Hells Womb Territory Act. This treaty established territorial boundaries and spheres of control for the signers. In War March of the same year, the Paradomea Empire was founded with the Merchant League serving as its leaders.

In 1290, the nine most powerful lords of the Merchant League became liches. The Merchant League was disbanded. In its place they established the Council of Nine.