RegionKalaran, Aerie of Dragons
DeitiesHuemutril, Zhusalax
EnemiesDead Ancestors, Pirate Lords, Thashangriel, Tiya'lith
Established16 Brightstar 847
GakebeIizus Yeldah

In 847, dozens of Shou feudal lords of Kalaran came together, forming the Shounejo empire.

Shouenjo was built on the backs of three Shou groups spread across three geographic areas - the Shou of the Geezhinul plain, the highland barbarians of the Qibemjues, and the coastal dwelling groups of Ibue Jagnare. These groups were just large classifications because within them were many smaller Shou groups (or tribes) led by chieftains, warlords, or some other of petty title. Before the formation of Shounejo, the Shou went through five centuries of decentralized authority. They began to consolidate in the First Epoch. This began with the founding of Guetol by the warlord Ejigez. After this, other leaders began consolidating their areas to meet the growing threat of the Guetol city-state. The Shou of Geezhinul went on to found Utoto and those of the Qibemjues founded Zujukiz.

Shounejo is a matriarchy society with women holding the highest positions of power in military and government. The leadership of woman among the Shou dates back to the Lith-Crillion Era when three goddesses became the dominant religions of Kalaran. These gods competed against each other on beauty, feats, and the greatest number of heroes and victories among their followers. This caused a lot of war and the emergence of heroines that became heroes and great leaders. Since this trio of goddesses competed on beauty amongst themselves, they also expected the same traits of their priests. This over time led to Shou females holding the top posts in the churches. When Shounejo was founded, one of the requirements was that the females gives up this tradition and allow males to also hold positions of power in the churches. This is the only thing the political parties representing the males scored in the Shou Unification. Males of Shounejo society commonly hold positions of power in the trades and now the church.

The rapidly expanding population of Shounejo has necessitated sometimes-harsh measures, like forceful moving of families to distant lands to establish new settlements. The empire's first attempt at colonization was on Torvild. In 1330, the Llydaros were forced out of the empire and sent to a distant island to establish a new colony. Versions of this story vary, with Llydaros journals saying they were exiled and no longer citizens of Shounejo. Either way, the Llydaros project failed, yet other colonization projects have succeeded.

The empire has holdings as far as the coasts of Aerie of Dragons with the greatest colony being Tao-Nuyu. In the Flying Arrow campaign, Shounejo conquered the isle of Wynvild. Its capture stopped its use as a base for those serving the Pirate Lords.

Shounejo is predominately a naval power. They have a powerful navy, the Dazi Tetzezan, armed with ships-of-the-line and and manned by battle-hardened crews. Warships frequently accompany large merchant fleets to distant ports. The greatest threat to Shounejo comes from the interior with the chaotic hordes of Tiya'lith.

Shounejo is a friendly state, slow to turn to aggression, seeking peaceful solutions over war. When turning to the art of war, they have proven themselves masters of the sea and dangerous foes on land.

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